What Will Happen to Live Dealer Casinos in the Nearest Future

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Very soon, our live casino experience might change drastically thanks to new technologies. In this article, we will try to analyze what might happen with live dealer games with the advent of 5G and 6G.

Today, live dealer casinos are available both in desktop and mobile formats. But just a decade ago, it was close to impossible to enjoy live streaming on a mobile device. The speed of the player’s Internet connection would be too low.

Now, the global gambling community is looking forward to the advent of 5G. It will minimize delays even further and reduce the risks of glitches to a minimum. In the 2030s, we might be able to switch to 6G. Have you ever wondered how it would affect live casinos? Quite possibly, the Internet evolution will open unprecedented opportunities for gambling projects.

Better than Teleportation

Today, when you are making stakes from your home, you realize that you are in your bedroom. You are dressed in your pajamas and you hold your smartphone in your hand. A young beautiful lady is smiling at you from the compact screen. She is wearing a cocktail dress and full makeup. When looking at her, you can imagine that you are in a posh brick-and-mortar casino somewhere in Shanghai or Monaco. But then you turn your head and you see the painted wall of your room.

However, some platforms already invite their customers to virtual reality. You put on a headset and your room disappears. You cannot see your sofa or the sleeves of your pajamas anymore. Your body might be seated in an armchair — but what you see around you is a gorgeous palace!

In a few years, holograms will become commonplace. Instead of making conventional video calls, we will see our friends and relatives appear in our room, looking a bit like ghosts. The same might happen with casinos. You might send your hologram to a virtual gambling institution. Your visual representation will not need to look exactly like you. You will be able to choose a character of any race, age and gender, maybe even an animal or alien. It will be surrounded by other whimsical holograms: some of them will be clients and others will be dealers.

This will blur the line between standard card and table games and the ones that are played with live dealers. Most likely, the demand for standard versions will shrink. It is hard to predict whether the rules of the games will change or whether a lot of new games will hit the market. Yet your aesthetic and emotional experience will change drastically!

Besides, new technologies will inevitably affect slots too. Today, video slots show you a colorful cartoon. They might have a dynamic plot, a top-notch soundtrack and state-of-the-art visuals — but they are not immersive. In the future, you will be able to become a protagonist of a live cartoon. You will be walking around a fantasy universe, spinning the reels with the power of your gaze. When you hit a big win, the sky will shower you with gold bars or huge gems. Who knows, maybe live dealers will appear in slots too? They will serve as guides to accompany you in your treasure-hunting journey.

Too Perfect to Be True

The above-descrived perspectives might seem breathtaking — but of course, they have their inevitable drawbacks.

First, the holograms will not look as realistic as live people. You will still be able to tell the difference. Second, you will not be able to touch, smell or taste anything. If you want to pick a certain card, you just point at a particular area in the air that represents its card. Yet you will fail to experience any tactile sensations. And of course, forget about having drinks in the bar! Scientists will find a way to overcome these limitations in the future — but for now, it is hard to predict the exact timeframe.

Second, there will be too many distractions. Today, many players prefer videopoker to poker with a live dealer because the former allows them to better concentrate on their cards. In a virtual reality casino, newcomers become too curious and cannot fully focus on the gameplay until they get accustomed to the new environment.

Third, there are addiction concerns. Some players might fall in love with the make-believe reality so much that they will completely disconnect from their real life. The industry needs to invent and implement tools to control clients’ behavior. Maybe, it would be wise to ask everyone to set their expenditure limits upon registration or each time they log in to the system.


The future has many amazing surprises in store for us. While we cannot benefit from cutting-edge technologies right now, at least we can prepare for them. Use this time to play live casino games and gain experience! When you step into the virtual or augmented reality populated by holograms, you should feel confident and be ready to apply a smart winning strategy.