What to Do After a Car Accident

After a Car Accident

In the split second it takes for a car accident to occur, your entire life can completely change. Most car accident victims feel rattled and confused, though knowing what to do after a car accident makes all the difference as you navigate the aftermath.

Attorneys for car accident victims often advise them to follow these steps to build a case against a negligent driver. These tips will help you to stay calm and gather what you need if you decide to file a personal injury claim.

Call the Police

If you or your passengers are injured, or the damage to your car is so extensive that you canít move it out of the road, youíll need to call 911. The police will also file a police report which can further support your claim that the other driverís negligence resulted in your damages.

Seek Medical Treatment

After an accident, injuries are likely in major collisions. However, donít make the mistake of refusing medical treatment if youíre not visibly injured. Often, many injuries are internal and require a full medical examination to be discovered. Internal bleeding and traumatic brain injuries can become very serious if left untreated and can leave you with high expenses.

Having these medical treatments documented proves the severity of your injuries in a personal injury case. If youíve sustained major injuries, youíll want to recover compensation for your medical expenses.

Collect Evidence

The other driverís insurance company will stop at nothing to try to blame you for the accident. You can prove them wrong by capturing photos and videos of the accident scene. Take photos of both vehicles, weather conditions, and the surrounding area to document the scene.

Get Contact Information from the Other Driver

You are required to exchange contact and insurance information with any other driver involved in the accident. If the other driver refuses, donít stress too much since you can get this from the incident report in the police file. This is also why notifying the police is important, as it gives you proof of the accident.

What Else Should You Do After a Car Accident?

Auto policies require you to contact your insurance company as soon as possible following an accident. You should be cooperative, accurate, and honest, though you should also be aware that the information you provide could also complicate your case.

For this reason, itís wise to get a car accident attorney to represent you and speak on your behalf. Additionally, many people find that after suffering injuries in a car crash, insurance doesnít offer enough reimbursement to cover vehicle repairs, medical bills, or loss of income.

Serious injuries may keep you from working for a while or even keep you from working at your previous capacity. If you accept a settlement that doesnít factor in these things, you may end up in debt thanks to someone elseís negligent actions. You can find out more about what to do next by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney in Phoenix for a free consultation.