What is RFP and where should be used?

If your business is seeking possibilities of expanding and constant growth, as well as collaborating with potential business partners, RFP should become your tool to be used on a daily basis. Preparing a RFP is not a walk in the park at the start, but you and your business can visibly benefit from it and therefore manage an effective cooperation with vendors. We prepared a guideline of how a perfect RFP should look like and what it should include, and you can use it as your RFP template.

What does RFP mean?

RFP (Request for proposal) or alternatively called RFI is a document consisting of an organization’s needs and requirements for desired IT solutions, so the potential vendor would know what to expect. RFP should provide a clear, transparent list of details of a particular project, timeline, budget and specifications. The more detailed it is, the better: IT service providers can, therefore, prepare a more accurate proposal draft.

Also check this resource with RFP templates.

Where is RFP used?

RFP can be used widely in business, but the IT industry benefits the most out of it. RFP can be applied at any stage of the project for many reasons, so it gives a project some flexibility in this matter. In the end, the company is to choose the best business partner from all of those who replied to RFP with their offer reflecting RFP requirements.

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