What Is Photography All About: Career & its Scope

Photography is the method of seizing light with a camera to conceive an image. It is a blend of both technical expertise and artistic acumen. In photography, a photographer produces images that tell a specific story, record an event or give a message.

Why Have a Career in Photography

Growing industry: Photography is an ever-growing industry. The worldwide digital photography market is estimated at USD 73,140 million in 2020 and is anticipated to attain USD 97,840 million by the end of 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 4.2 per cent. In addition, the global computational photography market was evaluated at USD 10.7 billion in 2019 and is foreseen to reach USD 29.0 billion by 2024.Creative job: A photography career can be an exciting avenue for creative expression as a photographer gets the opportunity to work in various settings and meet diverse people. Travel opportunities: Travel is mandatory for some photographers. Travel photographers, for instance, travel to locations they are hired to photograph, which leads them to exotic places. Photojournalists also travel extensively to different parts of the world on behalf of news organizations.

Popular Industries for Photographers

Event managementAdvertisingTravel and tourismMediaFashionPublishing housesE-Commerce

Popular Companies for Photographers

AppleGetty ImagesPhotoShelterDJIYouPicGoProCEVA, Inc.BlueprintShutterstock

Career in Photography

A photography career can be pursued by anybody who has an underlying passion for it. The skills that you need to be up in the game include:

Technical Skills

Understanding the working of different lenses, tripods, covering videos, etc.Understanding of all the settings and modes of a cameraSoft skillsEditing skills

The vision that a Photographer Wants to Click

Communication SkillsAttention For DetailArtistic ApproachGood ConcentrationAesthetic TasteCreativityTeam Working Skills

Ways To Pursue a Career In Photography

Enrol in a photography course: To pursue a photography career, the first step should be enrolling in a system. With technology evolving rapidly, you need to register in a photography course to learn professional cameras and understand all other theoretical and functional parts of photography.Take up an internship: Once you have understood all the basics of handling a camera and photography as a whole, pursue the internship. Taking an internship will encourage you to explore the outside world and gain insight from professionals in the field.Build an online portfolio: Apart from taking the internship, start strengthening your online portfolio in a blog or website to promote your work to your potential employers or clients later.

Choose The Right Photography Course

Various institutes and online education platforms offer different degree/diploma/certificate courses in photography. Some of the characteristics that you should contemplate before and while accepting a photography course incorporate:

Know what to analyze: Before you select a course, know your niche. Try to identify the type of photography that you wish to pursue.Know what the course offers: Read the course contents thoroughly and choose a path that gives you exposure to practical work experience and helps you meet industry professionals. Visit the official website of Naukri Learning (learning.naukri.com) to browse and compare different photography courses.Check the course accreditation: Accreditation indicates that the course meets high educational standards. Therefore, you must pick a photography course that a relevant institute accredits.


The purpose of photography can vary depending on what the photographer is trying to achieve. For example, documentary and news photographers capture images to provide detailed accounts of actual events, while hobbyists aim to catch life moments with families and friends.

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