3 Awesome Uses For Virtual Reality Aside Gaming

Virtual reality is a dream mankind followed ever since the first science fiction novels and, later on films of all shapes and sizes. VR became an integral part of pop culture way before first devices like Oculus Rift entered the stage. We desired the power to change our world in a way we see fit, even if only virtually.

We have that kind of power today. And what do we use it for? New cool Batman games? Is this really the limit to our imagination?

Nope, not really. I present you a list of three awesome ways humanity monetizes on Virtual Reality.

Online casinos go virtual

The days where you could engage people with simple pokies online free catchphrase are long gone. Online casinos are a standard now. A boring one!

A virtual reality facility for gambling, on the other hand is rather fresh and innovative. Imagine a fabulous room on the 154th floor, where, aside the stunning view you can engage yourself with a game of roulette against none other than James Bond himself? Is that not amazing?

The likes of these games already exist and are regulated by different rules and standards. Every virtual casino, for instance, must display a clock that shows real time. Neat, right?

Travels and tourism

Why leave the house to venture across the streets of Italy or gaze on the masterpieces in Louvre? With a room equipped with additional fans to stimulate a breeze and cans with scented flavors paired with a jogging mill youll get a gym experience of a lifetime. A fine way to stay fit while traveling the world, even though virtually.

Id give my gym subscription away for this treat any day. Would you?


Research and development can shine with new colors when the people behind a new product can play around with it even until any mechanical parts are built.

All fears can be put to a test way in advance. Add AI for calculative probability mechanics and youll get whooping speed tests of products on the design stage rather than upon release. Blend all that with 3-D printing and, well, you can get a one man factory of the bucket list of automation engineers.



Virtual reality apps are an actual game changer way beyond the world of video games although I have to admit I did enjoy being Batman in that one game.

Are there any other cool uses for VR that I may have missed? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas on the matter as well and lets all enjoy an engaging, meaningful discussion together!