Top Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Even with so much technology available at out fingertips, email remains to be an important tool for marketers. Businesses still rely on emails to inform their customer about their work, product, and other related information.

Here in this article, we have created a list of email marketing tips for beginners. It will be divided into following five key areas along with 3 major tips in each:

1. Getting started

a. Defining your audience- First thing any marketer should know is the relevant target audience for sending the emails and type of content expected by the audience.

b. Before adding people to your email list, always take permission from them. Unsubscribe option should also be available to your subscribers.

c. Attractive content and offers should be offered to people to make them sign up to your email newsletter. Also, promote these newsletters on social media sites by asking your followers to sign up.

2. Content

a. Create your content by keeping in mind the specific audience results in better engagement. To make it personal, try to write an email newsletter as if you were only sending to any particular individual. But too much personalization must be avoided.

b. A call to action must always be included. You need to achieve some task with your email along with people enjoying your emails. Don’t forget to include links and contact details in case your audience wants to reach out to you.

c. A picture says a thousand words. Add images to your emails to beautify them. However, you must remember that images are turned off on many email platforms by default. So make sure that your important messages are included in text format.

3. Subject line

a. Subject lines should be short and should pack a punch. People’s name shouldn’t be included in the subject line. Keep each subject line unique and must be relevant to your content.

b. Offer genuinely good deals to your audience. Use urgency to make people act on your call to action.

c. Experiment with different subject lines, test them and repeat them to find out what type of subject lines get the most opens. Split testing is a good procedure to do this.

4. Sending

a. Before sending out your emails, always proofread them and send a test email to find any mistakes you have committed.

b. Send emails regularly depending on your audience. Consistency is the key but avoid overdoing it on the frequency.

c. Timing is everything. Always do research to understand when your audience responds to emails. Tests should be done to obtain suitable time and date for best engagement.

5. Managing your subscribers

a. Every new subscriber should get a welcome email from you. Use this email to inform your subscribers what type of content they expect from future emails.

b. Your email list should be cleaned regularly. Get rid of incorrect, non-existent email addresses.

c. Easy unsubscribe option should be offered to your subscribers to avoid getting in the black list of your audience.

Try out these email marketing serviceswith tips and find which one works or is more beneficial. Don’t forget to inform us any suggestion you want to make or mention email marketing tips we might have missed. Leave your response in the comment section.