Top 7 Promotional Product Trends to Consider to Market your Business

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In case you havenít reviewed the promotional product trends in the market, then this article will be quite beneficial for you. There has been a massive shift and transformation in marketing through promotional products, and it creates new opportunities for the companies to interact with their customer. It helps them in creating a strong bond with them and helps them to stand out in the market.

Promotional products, especially tech products have been used recently in experiential marketing strategies by a plethora of companies especially in technology product and service sector. Mentioned below are few of the promotional product trends that you need to consider when you are marketing and branding your business.

  1. Design and Quality

Most of the major companies invest heavily in creating a great customer experience to keep their fans to return back to them and buy their products. Promotional products play a key role in this mix. But to impress the modern customer, it becomes a tedious task. Low-quality and ill-conceived gifts canít work the wonder and can even deteriorate the relationship that the company has with its customer. It is important to have a unique design as well as high-quality promotional product to impress these customers. It is essential to invest in the products which are made for the continuous use. Small flash drives are among the best tech promotional product which is why many companies are using it to establish their brand. Promotional USB flash drives are the perfect way to engage with the customer while they use the product on a regular basis. It is quite useful for employees of the companies in technology, finance and service and all other sectors where the transfer of data is a prime requirement. But the quality and design of the product should be of high-end.

  1. Mobile Apps

In upcoming years, high-quality and well-designed promotional products will come with smartphone apps. The main crux of this trend lies in the opportunity for the companies to engage with the customers with useful content long after giving out the promotional product. The companies can select promo products with their mobile app extensions which will help them in interaction with the customers on a consistent basis. One of the prime examples is smart Bluetooth finder which is used to keep track of items like your keys.

  1. Smart promotional products

There is an increased trend of smart devices’ usage. More and more people are using smart devices such as fitness trackers, smart speakers as well as connected devices for their home, workplace and pets. The majority of customers now prefer smart devices as gifts. This trend is becoming highly affordable as the production cost of smart devices is going down and a viable gift can cost as less than as $20 per piece. In order to make your next marketing and brand building campaign a success, you should look to invest in smart devices to win over the modern customers with the features and functionalities offered by these devices.

  1. Implementing Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Marketing

It is certainly a fact that apps like Snapchat is present everywhere. Many companies are releasing new features and using this social network which is based on Augmented Reality. The monthly user base of this network is over 300 million as per recent research, and it provides an attractive platform for marketers. At this particular point, AR and VR are taking over a significant time in the lives of modern customers. As marketers, it is essential to offer promotional products through the apps enabled by these technologies in order to run an effective promo campaign. For instance, an Augmented T-shirt can be a great promotional tool for the marketing of the company.

  1. Creating customized promotional products from scratch

The easiest and best way to communicate the brand of a company is to create a promotional product, right from scratch. This personalization level creates a unique as well as better user experience and allows to achieve deeper engagement with the customers. A shower hanging Radio from a tech company or a bendable desktop figure in tooth shape for a dental brand can be a great promotional product. The aim should be to create something of value while being unique as customers tend to remember those promo items which stands out from the usual promotional items such as mugs, t-shirts etc. It is important to move away from generic gifts which are more prone to be discarded by the customers.

It is essential to create a tailored product which clearly communicates the brandís message in this upcoming era of innovative products.

People now demand technology-related items because these items are useful for them. It is a useful investment to give out technology product which not only ensures that the customer feels pleased with your brand, but it also indicates that the tech promotional products has much higher potential for generating exposure of the brand. For instance, wireless earbuds provide multiple solutions for the customers like listening to music and also making calls through the in-built microphone which makes for a crisp as well as clear sound. It is a great gift for the customers as they use smartphones like iPhone 7 which doesnít have an auxiliary port for traditional headphones. It is quite useful for people who donít want to jiggle with earphones and want a device which frees them from all the entanglements.

  1. High-Value product

In case a company is using cheap promotional products, then the recipients of the product will receive the wrong message about the company, and they will look the company as a provider of cheap products and bad services. They correlate the quality of the promotional product with the products and services of the company. So, giving out cheap products can be detrimental to your company. Higher value, as well as custom items, have proven to be quite effective in retaining the customers and generating more leads. It also increases the credibility of the company and builds its reputation.

High-quality and high-value product attracts quality leads and also delights the clients. The recipients want a quality item that they can actually use so this means that cheap items are out of the scope. There are hundreds of brands which are generating good leads by using higher value promotional products. For instance, a high-value product such as fitness tracker is a fine tech promotional product which aims at potential customers of health industry such as fitness centres etc.

  1. Clients require help with ROI at Promotional Events

There is an increased importance of promotional products in the trade shows and promotional events. Clients now require help with their entire promotional event, not just their promos. It includes booth preparation, staff apparel, tablecloths as well as printed marketing material. All these are trade show basics, and it is time to focus on the promotional product branding strategy of your business. The price of the promotional product can be kept low, but as we have mentioned earlier, the customer expects giveaways which are of higher quality.

Handing out inexpensive, useful items can prove beneficial in creating brand awareness but attracting qualified leads through higher priced promotional items are more important.

The best way to attract good quality leads at the trade show booth is by using higher-quality items as part of the booth display, but first, you can start with giving out inexpensive tech promotional items such as a Smart Wallet in order to establish a conversation. You can then move on to explain to them that in order to receive better and higher quality tech promotional item like a power bank, they should provide credible information in order to make for a high-quality lead such as name, company as well as contact information.

There are some cases where a high-value gadget won’t necessarily do the trick and you might actually be better off using something that your audience appreciates at an emotional level. This is the case with environmental and health-related promotional products. For example, as an environmentally conscious local health store owner, you could give people quality reusable straws to take home.

All these trends are essential to consider in todayís competitive world where every business is opting for giving out promotional products, especially tech products in order to generate more leads and lure more customers.