Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Tablet Safe and Secure


Due to developments in technology, tablets are becoming used more frequently and are often replacing the use of laptops and desktops, as there is now very little that you can’t do on your tablet. However, if you are like most tablet users, then you will probably have most of your life on your tablet, and if you were to have your device stolen or broken then you would lose a lot more than just a tablet. So, we have put together the top five ways to keep your tablet safe and secure.

Set a Pin or Password

It is important that you protect your tablet by having it pin or password protected. This will help to keep your information private so that if someone does get access to your tablet then they are unable to get your private and sensitive data. Although, you should be sure to create passwords and pins that are not obvious or too easy to guess. For example, avoid using your own name, your date of birth, or easy number sequences such as 1234, as this could easily be guessed.

Be Careful Using Public Wi-Fi Networks

Free public Wi-Fi is a great way to surf the internet on your device, but it can leave you vulnerable to cyber threats such as security hackers and viruses. While free Wi-Fi is a great way to use your device without eating up your data plan, free networks are also very popular with hackers who use the public domain to gather information on users. They aim to collect your username and passwords from protected accounts and even try to gather your credit card details, so they can use your accounts without your permission.

Get a Case

While there are many different electronic ways that you can keep your tablet safe and secure, you should also be sure to keep it safe from physical damage. Getting a case is an essential accessory for your tablet, as it protects your device from cracks and scrapes. For example, the new iPad Air 10.5 case is a durable and slim case that protects your iPad from daily wear and tear as well as accidental drops. 

Store it Somewhere Safe

If you aren’t using your tablet then you should consider storing it somewhere safe where it cannot be stolen. Make sure you never to leave it on view in your house or car as this could increase your risk of it being stolen.

Only Install Trusted Apps

While most apps are safe to download, some are full of malware and viruses that hack your information and then shut down your device, so be sure to only install trusted and legitimate apps.

From using social media to online banking, there are many different uses of your tablet that require sensitive information that belongs to you and could be dangerous in the hands of someone else.  So, make sure you follow these easy ways to keep your tablet safe and secure.