Top 5 FPS Multiplayer Shooting Games for Mobile Devices

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Do you love enjoying mobile multiplayer shooting games in your free time? It sounds like a crazy question to many individuals as these shooting games have become an integral part of our entertainment. The launch of any new exciting mobile shooting game does bring a smile on the faces of game lovers as they do have high expectations and plenty to gain. We can quickly take the excellent example of top-notch shooting games like Pixel Gun 3D and Modern Combat 5 Blackout that has taken our gaming experience to another level. These games are more than sufficient to kill boring moments of our life, and we can easily spend quality time with our friends and family members.

There is nothing more exciting indeed to spend the weekend while playing a multiplayer mobile game and designing new winning strategy. For sure, the competition is intense, and we can’t relax a bit. Even here in our short post, we would like to introduce the top 5 FPS multiplayer shooting games for mobile devices, and you can select according to your playing style and taste. These games have already broken all previous records and earned some serious reputation. Some of these games are recently introduced while many others have conquered the heart of game lovers for a while. Just don’t give a second thought and go through our fantastic list of top 5 mobiles based FPS multiplayer shooting games right now.

  1. Modern Combat 5 Blackout – This particular game was released in 2014 and published by Gameloft. The developers (Wil Lane Bucharest) have done a commendable job in designing the fifth instalment of Modern Combat series and a fantastic first-person shooting game. The game was released for different platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows and will cost you nothing. Just like previous four instalments even here players are asked to carry out a range of tasks like shooting, sprinting, crouching, throwing grenades and plenty more. The battlefield is intense and as a gamer, you are served with stuff like awesome looking graphics and incredible guns. There is nothing more exciting than taking part in close to perfect online multiplayer action and create your squad from classes of 8. You are allowed to add friends in your team and execute the most dynamic warfare skills to beat your online rivals.
  1. Guns of Boom – Guns of Boom is yet another top-notch FPS mobile multiplayer game developed by Game Insight. The game was primarily released for two mobile gaming platforms iOS and Android and offers easy controls and highly impressive graphics. The animation is cool and intriguing gameplay will easily keep you glued to your mobile screen for a long time. Developers of the game have introduced many dynamic battles in which you are asked to play as a team and try hard to beat your opponents. At your level, you need to play the game actively and execute a better strategy to win the battlefield. The Autofire feature is fantastic as you are just required to get the enemy, and the selected weapon will kill it automatically. A range of weapons are offered in the game including machine guns, sniper and shotguns and each has its own positives and drawback. At last, you need to find the gun or weapon that is best suited to your play style and destroy the enemy.
  1. Pixel Gun 3D – Pixel Gun 3D is a rare FPS game where you get an opportunity to enjoy both multiplayer and singleplayer modes. This particular pocket edition is perfectly created for the mobile platforms and gamers are allowed to enjoy breathtaking battles with their friends and colleagues. On many occasions, people do team up with other players around the world and take part in the battlefield to kill the enemies. The most exciting aspect of the game is, you are allowed to create your own character and customize it. Now, in order to unlock the special skins and build your supremacy, you must learn the art of attaining many coins and gems in quick time. If you think of investing your hard earned money in these game resources, you are surely heading in the wrong direction. Better is to use Pixel Gun 3D hack and generate unlimited gems and coins in short time and with just one click.
  1. Nova Legacy – Nova Legacy is the next version of the epic mobile game N.O.V.A and offers the most incredible 3D sci-fi first-person shooting gaming experience. The game will quickly test your skills, and you need to show them in the great multiplayer arenas. We can surely take the fine example of Deathmatch mode where you can only win the game by defeating other seven combatants and emerge as last shooter standing. Team Deathmatch mode is made available where each team contains four members strike against each other and surely every bullet counts. Another fascinating aspect of the game is customizing your own marine and making perfect use of numerously available skins and 3D models. Without any doubt, the gameplay is tough and intriguing and the more you play the game, the better player you will become.
  1. Modern Strike Online – Last but not the list, Modern Strike Online has made to our list of top 5 FPS multiplayer shooting games for mobile devices and held its position strongly. This particular game is best suited for the individuals who still enjoy stuff like counter strike and treat themselves as cops when it comes to killing the terrorists. Graphics are simply out of this world, and even low-performing mobile devices will be able to carry out game optimization with ease. According to the critics, it is the best first-person online shooting game where you can be part of close to the real battlefield, kill your enemy and achieve the glory. You can easily download the game on your mobile device without spending a penny and join different tournaments to win exciting prizes.

Above-mentioned five games have been the talking point of discussion for countless individuals worldwide who like to be a shooter and got the skills to beat their enemies with strong and efficient strategies.

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