Top 10 Best File Hosting Service Providers

File hosting is an internet service designed to host and share your files. We can useonline file storage provider, orcyberlocker terms for Filehosting services.Files can include documents, images, videos, etc. These services beneficial for bloggers or webmasters as they can easily share their work with others if they want to.

Following is the list of 10 BestFree File HostingService Providers you can use to host and share your files.

1. File SavrThis site provide fastest and easiest file hosting service. You can upload up to10 GB size.

2. File FactoryHere you can upload files up to 2000MB size for free. You can store and share your files all over the world. Other supported features include upload 50 files of any type, create and manage folders for your files, Email your large files,Direct Download, etc.

3. File DropperSimplest and Fastest website for file hosting. You can upload file upto 5GB size.


4.BadongoThis hosting site gives unlimited storage space for your files and documents. Other features are File Management, Photo Albums, Music Playlists and FTP Uploads.


5.Sling File This provides free and easier way of file hosting, file sharing and online backup services.

6.File HostingNo sign up required,No size limits,unlimited uploads,unlimited downloads.

7. Media Fire You can upload, download, manage and share your files,documents, presentations, videos and images in a very simpler manner.


8. Media MaxYou can upload file up to 5 GB size for free. Other supported features are Hands-free backup, Automated backups, encryption on data transfer and storage, web based Backup set management and many more.

9. Share SendYou can upload file upto 100MB size for free.

10. ADriveIt gives 50GB freeOnline Storage. You can upload, store, access, share and edit your files and documents.

Beside these sites there are many other sites providing File hosting and other useful services.