5 Tips on Utilizing Free Outlook Email Templates


You’ve created a ton of websites and can write our CSS and HTML code with your eyes closed. But how hard is it to create an HTML email? With all of the browsers that are available, it can be harder than you think.

Fortunately, we’ll teach you some rules to help make this process easier. So scroll down and learn the top 5 tips on making a professional outlook email template.

Know Your Audience

The first step in making a successful email template is knowing how it will be read. For instance, if your subscribers are viewing your emails with a BlackBerry phone, its best to use text when communicating with them.

Inline CSS

This is where the C in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) comes in handy. Giving your free outlook email templates a style inline will give it more priority than styles that are further away (i.e. webmail client styles. And they work around email clients that take out the CSS from the external or head files.

Here are some ways to help save time when making inline css on your email template:

  • Use an email tool or service that automatically inclines the CSS for you. Some apps such as Campaign Monitor will take the styles from each head/external file and apply the styles to the element inline when importing to your campaign.
  • Incline you styles when you’re finished coding. Do this by using <style> tags in the head of your template. Only do this when you completed all of your changes. This will save you time from having to edit 20 different instances that have the same style.

Emails Without Images

There is a select group of people who will only view your emails without the images. So you’ll have to keep this design attribute in mind when looking for free outlook email templates. Follow these guidelines to improve your results.

Don’t Use Images First in An Email

Remember, most email programs display their emails in a small display window. If the only attribute that’s placed there is an undisplayed image, your email might as well be blank. We suggest that you start with HTML text contents to notify your readers what they’re going to receive. This will give them a reason to download your images and receive more content from you.

Make Captions for Important Images

If you are using an important image for your content, you should use text captions to describe it. That way, if your image is unable to be displayed, your readers can access your email’s full content. This is a more reliable option than using alt attributes since alt attributes can vary greatly between email clients.


Basically, there are free outlook email templates that can help you complete your marketing campaign. When using one, make sure that you design your page so that your audience can appreciate the content that you’re providing. Following these tips will ensure that you have a good template that will be read by your desired audience.

Do you have any additional questions about making outlook email templates?

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