Tips to Create a Great Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

While still in high school we often dream about college. New subjects, new acquaintances, new teachers, and long coveted independenceÖ All these things will undoubtedly be experienced as soon as we get admitted to our future alma mater. So, weíre looking forwards to this moment.

Unfortunately, not all of us have equal opportunities allowing for choosing a dream college. Itís not a secret that many students face financial obstacles that prevent them from getting a college or university degree. With the cost of a college education rising year after year, more students opt for student loans which puts a considerable financial strain on them. Student loan debts make millions of young people defer their major life milestones, including marriage, parenthood, buying a house, etc.

Therefore, a good few school leavers donít even consider applying to higher education institutions for fear of repaying the federal or private student loans for the rest of their life. If you also feel overwhelmed with similar fears, we suggest that you consider applying for college scholarships. The best thing about scholarships is that you wonít need to repay them. They are gifts given to those students whose merits, talents, and capacities are so outstanding that they deserve to be nurtured for free.

The process of application is quite fast and easy. So, if you start researching early, find a suitable scholarship program, and meet all deadlines, chances are good youíll get the reward you deserve.

Applying for a Scholarship

In many ways, applying for scholarships resembles applying to colleges. First, you need to research all scholarships you qualify for. Then, narrow down that potential list to, say, a dozen options. Keep in mind that a scholarship may cover either your entire tuition fee in a particular college, or may be a one-time award that will barely suffice to pay the cost of your monthly college meal plan. The onus is on you to decide whether the latter is worth giving a shot. Either way, scholarships can help you reduce the cost of your education and alleviate the financial burden put on your family.

Once you set your eyes on a particular scholarship program, go for it. Complete and submit your applications that include your recommendations, list of your academic honors and awards, and you scholarship essay, of course. If youíre beating your brains out trying to figure out how to deliver a flawless essay that will impress the scholarship committee, itís about time you availed yourself of your further recommendations.

Order a Scholarship Essay from Professionals

We guess you know that there are special essay writing services that can help you quickly write a truly impressive paper in a shortest possible time. Such online writing companies as Edusson, EduBirdie, EssayShark, PapersOwl, to name but a few, employ highly professional scholarship essay writers well-versed in all aspects of academic writing. All you need to do is select a writer, and provide him or her with detailed instructions or essay prompts. Also, specify the deadline by which you need to get the essay. Rest assured that scholarship writers can help you handle any type of essay on any subject within the specified timeframe. Your chosen writer will go ahead with your essay as soon as you submit your deposit. The complete sum will be transferred to a writerís account, provided youíre fully satisfied with the job done by the writer.

Know Your Audience

If youíve resolved to give your creativity and writing skills a shot, you can try and create a brilliant essay. The first thing you should be mindful of is your audience. Every piece of writing has its created with a purpose of reaching a target audience interested in its findings, message, ideas, etc. So, to give the members of your scholarship committee what they are looking for, you need to know what exactly they are looking for. Prior to writing your scholarship essay try to figure out what their ideal candidate is like. Also, think about how you stack up against other candidates and what is special about you. That having been said, donít go overboard, trying to match the committeeís expectations. There should be no artificialness in your essay or overt display of your eagerness to cater to juryís expectations. 

Follow the Instructions

Ability to follow the instructions to the point is a very valuable skill youíll need in college and beyond. Make sure to read the essay instructions until you take them all in. What is comes to such serious things as admission or scholarship essays, details are of paramount importance. Exceeding or, to the contrary, not meeting the word count can negatively affect your prospects. Why would they want to grant money to someone who didnít even bother to familiarize themselves with instructions? Ability to stick to instructions is also indicative of your overall accurateness, neatness, and seriousness, in other words, the qualities inherent in the candidates deserving of scholarship.

Choose the Topic Your Passionate About

When picking a topic for your scholarship essay, steer clear of everything that bores you, even if it seems relevant and of topical interest. Your topic should resonate with you and evoke your sincere emotions. Only if you select a topic that interests you, youíll be able to demonstrate your strengths as a writer and let your personality shine through in your essay. 

Structure Your Essay Appropriately. Edit and Proofread

You should know that a strong essay is consists of such main parts as introduction, main body, and conclusion. Moreover, there should be a thesis statement where you both present your topic and voice you position on it. Stick to this structure as you write and donít let your thoughts lead you astray. Itís a good idea to create an outline to arrange your thoughts and ideas. You can also do some free writing before getting down to your essay. It will help you get hold of important observations and ideas you might miss if you focus on grammar, spelling, mechanics, and properly structuring your paper. Donít forget to proofread your paper once itís finished. Read it several times and incorporate all the necessary corrections until it looks perfect.

Reuse Your Essay

Itís no crime to use one and the same scholarship essay to apply for another scholarship, provided it uses a similar or the same essay prompt. Why not take advantage of the essay you have already written and thus save yourself the bother of coming up with a completely different piece of writing? That said, you may want to make some adjustments to your old essay or polish it to perfection.

In Conclusion

As you see, writing a strong and truly impressive scholarship essay is no brain surgery. Either with professional help or on your own, youíll be able to produce a unique piece of writing that will help you win so coveted scholarship and get a college degree.