These are currently the most popular apps of 2020 – Which one do you have?

popular apps

1. TikTok

With 115 million downloads, video platform TikTok seems unbeatable. In January of this year, the app was installed on 104 million smartphones, in February the counter was already at 113 million. Despite the weaker growth in March, TikTok has an increase of 98.4% compared to the same month last year. If we make a distinction between downloads from the Apple Store and those from Google Play, TikTok drops to second place in the Apple Store. An explanation for this could be that TikTok is especially loved by young teens and they do not have a more expensive iPhone.

2. WhatsApp

Despite the advent of other messaging services, WhatsApp remains unbeatable, followed by Messenger, the other old hand on your smartphone. In February WhatsApp reached the milestone of 2 billion users. The company has been around since 2009 and was acquired by Facebook in 2014, still high in the list of popular apps. Together with Instagram, Facebook has the four most popular non-game apps of the moment. It should only put TikTok ahead. Attempts to launch a similar video platform and overthrow TikTok have failed to deliver.

Zoom with the colleagues

Newcomers are the apps that allow group video calls. The most popular of these is without a doubt Zoom. Zoom was the most downloaded app in the Apple Store in March. Others such as Google Classroom, VooV Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Houseparty and DingTalk also occupy places in the top ten. The future will tell whether these apps will continue to grow.

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Video conference apps

The video conference apps break the monopoly of the social media apps and the games apps. If they are still mainly used in a professional context, the success of Houseparty proves that users can easily take over the video conference system in their private life to communicate with several friends and family members at the same time. A new app trend seems to be born. Rent an ipad for a presentation, congress, exhibition or other projects.