The Story Behind A Successful Online Casino in Malaysia

The Story Behind A Successful Online Casino in Malaysia

These days, everybody is seeking safe online gambling. me88 Malaysia believes that the key reason a player picks a specific online casino is that its owner is professional, legal, and approved by a dependable supervisor.

Good casino owners develop their reputation by offering flawless and smooth experience in each one of their casinos. The gambling business brings casino owners and other market participants a high income.

Even though gambling is prohibited in many regions of the globe, people love playing casino games and spending money on it. Flourishing players follow casino gambling tips and polish their skills to win more.

You will find many popular poker players who join into many tournaments hitting more winnings with every game. Their names are often met at lists of the richest players, and they could be seen at the pages of the most sought newspapers.

The Grey-Zone Industry: Online Casino

The Grey-Zone Industry Online Casino

Learning how to open an online casino and running, even a single one in a small city or town is a huge business. Part of one of the largest industries on the planet, casinos are getting even more famous.

All a person needs is to wager or have some fun is to go online on their mobile devices. Further, there’s the visual excitement a person receives from online casinos, as well as the comfort with which a new player could learn the steps to various games.

The Person Behind me88 Online Casino Malaysia

Victor Oljam

Behind the successful me88 Malaysia Casino is Victor Oljam. He is currently the owner and CEO of me88. He grew up from Rome, Italy, and moved to Malaysia in the year 2003. He started playing casinos at the age of 19 and discovered online casinos at the age of 25.

It was the time Victor realized to start his online casino empire. In 2012, he started planning for me88, and finally, this 2020, he officially opens me88 to the public.

“We Aim To Be The First On Mind Brand When It Comes To Online Entertainment By Providing The Best Experience And Value To The Society”

– Victor Oljam


Follow Victor’s LinkedIn profile at Victor Oljam.

The First Step in Making

However, to venture upon this step, Victor needed to possess particular skills and knowledge in the field of doing online business, gambling development, promotion, and marketing. It was difficult for him from the start of learning how much it costs to run a casino and how to run a casino. Throughout the years, he was able to learn everything and managed to build his online gambling site.

One of the things Victor learned is that customer loyalty is everything. If there is one aspect that the casino industry stands out in, it is the loyalty of its customers. Instead of pouring all of his energies into securing first-time visitors, Victor and his team at me88 Malaysia do everything they can do to sustain loyal customers and make them feel special.

They never forget to offer their regular patrons with discounts and bonuses. Often, they take it to another dimension, along with rewarding players with loyalty with extravagant bonuses and free giveaways. Visit the website www.me88my.com to see the work of art.

The Challenges Faced By The CEO

Being the online casino owner of me88 Malaysia isn’t that simple, but it’s rewarding at the same time. One of the many pointers people can learn from Victor is the need to meet deadlines, be timely, and be punctual. If a specific promotion plan is scheduled to begin at a particular date, then he needs to follow through on his promises.

Another important lesson Victor learned from running his successful casino is publicity and promotion done right. The global fame of casinos and gambling owes to the way it has been promoted and made common among the public. Indeed, there must be a proper line of tactic and planning behind marketing.

Victor does not fear experimentation. It is worth recalling that businesses that stay in one place will sink first. For him, an experiment is not all about adopting risk. However, it is all about predicting the trends or even making new ones.

That is the reason why his online casino is often the first ones to adopt emerging technologies. He always tries to merge them, along with their services and products. me88 Malaysia now provides gambling through live streaming platforms. As Victor always said, “Experimentation leads to innovation.”

The Key Strategy To Run A Successful Online Casino

The Key Strategy To Run A Successful Online Casino

It is necessary to concentrate on establishing the core products and sustaining a high level of quality. However, Victor believes that a successful business must be working on widening the option accessible to the customer.

It is this reason that drives me88 Malaysia to continuously upgrade their game offerings with a broad spectrum of new table games and slots regularly. Victor believes that if he does not make new options for his customers, a competitor will step in and do it for him.

A Long-Term Marketing Plan

Victor Oljam also has a say about marketing. For him, marketing is not simply about promoting what his online casino has to offer. Nonetheless, it is about creating a lasting impression with his target audience. The online casino me88 is aware of that.

That’s why their marketing is considered some of the boldest in the country. They never shrink back from integrating sexiness into their advertising. The most vital thing is to get people to notice, and then one can tell them about what they are offering.

One of the most effective marketing strategies that Victor has implemented is engaging with lots of online casino reviewers and inviting them to review the online casino platform. By doing this, he knew that the reviewers would definitely rate me88 Malaysia at a very high score, which it did.

In this industry, people wouldn’t believe such online casinos that market itself ast the best. However, when the casino is featured on other platforms, people that see or read it would rather believe. In other words, self marketing is nonsense, while public marketing is what makes the public put their trust into your brand.

Offering Best Online Casino Services

Offering Best Online Casino Services

Some online casinos out there might have a hard time to contend in the long-term, especially if their in-person experience cannot be coordinated online. Victor knows that better than most.

That’s why his online casino me88 offers features all the games a player would find in a Vegas casino and so much more. Digitalization indicates fewer expenses and improved suitability for the customer. He emphasized why it must be adopted at each turn.

Casinos have made money on classic table games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and slot machines. However, they have lately had trouble connecting along with the millennial crowd. You see, millennials do not play similar games that the past generation loved. Hence, casinos are noticing little play from the group on most table games and traditional slot machines.

That has triggered casinos and game creators alike to look for new types of gambling, which appeal to the age group. It keeps being seen whether or not skill-based online casino gaming will take off. However, Victor realizes that they have to try something to capture such younger audiences.

Victor’s CEO Vision

His feelings are that they will, later on, see enough selection in the skill-based gambling realm, which will attract attention. Irrespective of what happens, he takes notes on how me88 Malaysia is proactive concerning the future. Everyone can apply a similar lesson to his or her line of work, such as running a business, gambling, or investing.

Victor has been to hundreds of casinos in his career. He has watched casinos open, close, and then open again. Apart from that, Victor has seen major casino companies guzzle up the world, spin-off orphan properties, and then are gulped up themselves. He has noticed eSports, fantasy sports, government casinos, bingo halls, online casinos, sports betting operations, family operations, and different other ways to have a flutter.

The Secret To Success Of me88 Malaysia

Who would have thought two decades ago that he would be witnessing his own online casino business success? At the age of 36, Victor Oljam was able to build his online casino brand in Malaysia. His career has been spent in service in commercial casinos.

He has always been curious as to the differences between the very marginal and successful casino operators. What Victor thinks he has learned about his successful casinos are two things: you must provide value to your customers and that you will find many means to provide that value and to become successful.

As you can see, Victor Oljam and his story have something to teach business individuals in each sector. Any business leader who wants to accomplish a measure of success like him is continuously on the search for wisdom and inspiration.

Putting the obvious contenders for business wisdom aside, one place where determined, enterprising people must search for inspiration is the casino sector. You will find several industries that signify the values of successful, customer-centric business quite so appropriately. That’s why there are more things to learn from the casino pros, like Victor.

Things We Could Learn From The CEO

Casino owners like Victor are normally successful individuals who have done so well in the business realm. He has a lot of good insights and advice, which everyone can apply to enhance either their career or their gambling.

He has worked his way up the ladder towards becoming a highly successful person. You will be more successful as well if you apply his methods and words to your gambling or job.

On top of that, you can take some good advice from this gambling tycoon when it comes to how he runs his business. That’s especially true when it comes to how he uses math to identify profitability and investigate trends to embrace future situations.


Keep the lessons and Victor’s online casino success story in mind and begin using them to make yourself a better casino player, or a more successful individual overall.

“Play With Correct Attitude Win With Perfect Gratitude” -Victor Oljam-

Within this extremely competitive world, businesses that could struggle to change will fall behind. Now, you wish to establish confidence to be in a position to do well. It’s important to support creative to satisfy both external and internal clients.