The Ins and Outs of CS:GO Betting

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With competitive video gaming (most often referred to as esports) becoming more and more ubiquitous, it makes sense that a similar sort of infrastructure began to emerge around it as the one we’ve grown accustomed to in the world of traditional sports. Pundits and talking heads, media programmes, fan gathering and betting sites are all getting in on the action, with even mainstream companies like ESPN offering coverage about this exciting new phenomenon.

And just like how there are many nuances of sports betting – especially if you’d like to make a profit –, esports betting is also a unique beast, with different aspects and roles present for the different titles. Perhaps the most exciting one to look at is CS:GO, the granddaddy of competitive shooters with over twenty years of success under its belt.

What is CS:GO?

CS:GO – also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – is the latest entry in a long-running franchise of first-person shooter games developed by Valve. Its main gameplay mode revolves around a five-versus-five battle of skill and wits between terrorists and counter-terrorists. The terrorists’ goal is to plant a bomb on one of the two designated sites and then to protect it until it explodes. Conversely, the CTs are tasked with defusing the bomb. Either team can also win by eliminating all five players of the opposition.

This setup ensures that the sides keep swapping roles in the middle of a round, first tasked with assaulting a site then with defending it until the counter ticks down – and vice versa. This, coupled with high-skill gunplay and a unique economy system, ensured Counter-Strike’s longevity in the world of video games.

How to win at CS:GO betting?

As you can see, there are a lot of variables to consider when it comes to betting on Counter-Strike matches. With many different tournament formats and potential maps to consider, any given team has a chance to upset their opposition if they play their cards right. Though many of the betting considerations from traditional sports – like form, historical results, individual players et cetera – apply to CSGO betting as well, you will end up doing a lot better (and making more money, hopefully!) by paying attention to the CS:GO-specific ideas when selecting who to bet on.

One of the most interesting aspects of pro-level CS:GO is the map selection process. Unlike a game like Dota, you have multiple potential battlegrounds to choose from with their specific quirks and tactics, and the different teams will excel at finding advantages on different ones. As such, being able to “veto” the perfect maps of your opponent will give you extra chances to succeed in the overall series, and many of the top teams are able to find an edge over their rivals in this part of the game. Additionally, different weapons like the M4 or the AUG keep cycling in and out of the meta, therefore teams and players with a preference for one over the other can find themselves in hot water when their strategies fall out of fashion.

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