The Importance of Fire Doors

Fire Doors

Fire doors are designed to stop fire and smoke from spreading into different parts of your house. They delay the spread, giving you time to escape and prevent further damage throughout the building. The main purposes of a fire door are:

  • Protect any escape routes so anyone inside the building can exit safely.
  • To protect the building itself and any contents inside it.
  • To allow firefighters to distinguish the fire as safely as possible. 

So, if you are thinking of installing a fire door or want to know how important they are for your building’s safety, read on. 

What is the difference between a fire door and an ordinary door?

The main difference between a fire door and an ordinary door is the way it gets constructed. Fire doors get assembled with materials designed to withhold fire for either 30 or 60 minutes. 

They get fitted with an intumescent strip on the edge of the door and its frame. When a fire starts, the intense heat reacts with the intumescent strip, causing it to expand. As the intumescent expands, it fills the gap between the door and the frame. Therefore, stopping the spread of the fire for as long as its intended time. 

If you consider installing a fire door, ensure it is fitted with an automatic door closer, click here for examples. Fire doors are ineffective if they are open when the fire begins. So, an automatic door closer makes sure it’s closed whenever it’s not in use.  

Are fire doors a legal requirement? 

Fire doors are not a legal requirement in a domestic and privately owned property. However, they are a legal requirement in businesses, commercial properties, public buildings and multiple residency housing. 

Fire safety play such an important role in multi-occupancy housing and business that the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that building operators in England and Wales should appoint a ‘responsible person’ to manage their fire safety precautions. The person appointed as responsible for fire safety in the building is accountable for checking the performance of the fire doors. As well as this, they must carry out risk assessments and include what fire doors are in use and what fire safety rating they are. 

Can you paint a fire door? 

If you want to install a fire door into your building but are unsure if it will match the theme of your space, then you may wish to paint it. It is completely safe to paint a fire door. However, there are plenty of styles on the market to choose from, so rest assured you will find the right one for your space.