The Biggest SEO Lessons from 2020

SEO or search engine optimization concept

Any business owner trying to make their mark in the industry — especially in the year 2020 — likely already knows how effective search engine optimization (SEO) solutions can be. It is a set of best-practice methods that have to be accomplished in a specific manner to help boost brand exposure and elevate the overall marketing strategy of most business owners. The interesting thing about SEO is the fact that it can be accomplished even without professional help, though there is an art to search engine optimization that makes it a challenging tactic to master. It is the reason why most business owners would prefer the help of a reliable New York City SEO Company instead of trying to do everything on their own.

As far as business years go 2020 is a fascinating one, as it brings along one of the most unprecedented events with the COVID-19 crisis. It is no stretch to say that such a pandemic has affected just about every business owner worldwide, and some of its more damaging effects are yet to be felt. Many business owners have had to close up shop due to the effects on physical establishments, though some companies that depend on physical establishments are still holding on despite the additional challenges.

The idea that the year has had something to teach every business is undoubtedly true, as it provides a glimpse of what companies need to do to succeed in the coming years. The use of an SEO company is a part of those lessons for obvious reasons, though there are more specific lessons that companies can use to get ahead. Here are just some of the biggest SEO lessons from 2020.

Without the help of a New York City SEO Company, most mobile apps are inferior

One of the more surprising facts of the year comes from most business owner’s inability to provide a superior mobile companion to their browser stores. While the holiday season might have company owners pulling out all the stops to ensure that their browser store is working as efficiently as possible, there is not nearly enough of a focus on mobile, which is a shame as so many online shoppers prefer mobile apps over anything else.

Not everyone has computers, but just about everyone with an online presence has a smartphone. It is often the more logical choice to have a smartphone, which is why many people tend to appreciate a mobile app. Without the help of a professional SEO company, most company owners are content with their browser stores — which provides an opportunity for even startups to get ahead with a superior mobile app.

Unsurprisingly, content and social media marketing tactics are on the rise

When it comes to anything that has to do with digital marketing matters, content marketing and social media marketing continue to make waves. It comes as no surprise, as the idea of using content marketing fits so well with other marketing tactics that it would be a waste of potential for a business not to make use of content marketing. Social media on the other hand, has the help of influencers and content creators to potentially boost brand exposure by a wide margin. While it can be somewhat costly — especially for new businesses — it is well worth the money. That said, content marketing can be quite cheap depending on the professionals utilized, and it can have the most significant effects.

For any company looking to make it in the year 2021 and beyond, consider the use of blogs and articles relevant to the products offered on the primary website. Not only does it help encourage people to make a purchase, but the articles themselves can be used as landing pages for advertisements. 

As a companion to content marketing, geo-targeting is preferred by smaller companies

Not every business has a franchise to worry about in multiple locations. As a matter of fact, most businesses operate in a single location, and it might just be the right move to make use of geo-targeting tactics to ensure that the business owner spreads the message to the right channels. It is the reason why some would use a New York City SEO Companyfor New York City, as professionals that specialize in a specific location can result in a very high return on investment (ROI).

The idea of using content marketing as a companion to local SEO solutions would be to ensure that the content on the website is relevant not just to the products, but to the city. Local events are perfect topics for articles and blogs, and a business could even make use of specialty products for a particular city to further improve marketing matters.

The pay-per-click (PPC) model is perfect for the coming year

While the year 2020 has had its fair share of bumps, the use of a PPC marketing tactic is perfect for the coming year due to the different advantages provided. For example, PPC allows even startups to get ahead by placing them on the paid rankings. That said, the biggest advantage is the way in which PPC companies collect data for their clients. By the end of the year, the company could have all the relevant information they need (keywords, age groups), to effectively maneuver a business through the competitive business landscape of the new year.

Compared to SEO solutions, the PPC model is all about spending money for instant results. It might be more expensive, but it can undoubtedly provide the results. For any business out there with the resources to spend on a PPC marketing tactic, it is currently superior to traditional SEO just because of the data.

With the help of a quality SEO company, it is more than possible to utilize all of the lessons above to create the perfect combination of marketing strategies to put the business on the map. Whether it has to do with franchise SEO or local SEO, the lessons above are well worth heeding.