The Best Tips For Becoming A Professional In Online poker

Most of the people who are reading this article wants to become a professional qq online player. Ever since you start playing this game, you always wanted to get the most out of it. Therefore, we came up with this definitive guide for you to become a professional poker player. We will also discuss some more interesting things about poker, later in this article. So let’s get started now:


Many poker players play this game for a living. We all dream to be like them. After all, who does not want to quit their regular nine to five job and earn millions. This game can be a full-time job only if you are highly professional at it. Therefore, this guide will help you achieve that dream. In addition to this, it will also prove to be the best guide for your future online poker games.

The best method to master something is by practicing it again and again. But I don’t mean that you should quit your job and spend the whole time playing this game (it will work, however). Doing so will be risky and there can affect your lifestyle as well.

Therefore, here are the best tips from experts to help you become a pro player in this game:

  • Read, comprehend, and understand

Research is useful in everything then why not do it in a poker game? Read more and more about this game, follow guide, and learn advanced tactics for this. If you ever feel that you have done sufficient research then think again. They say that being the best in a room is considerable to be in the wrong room. Follow this saying and research more. Hence, it will prove to come in handy.

Be serious about it. Read articles about this game on the internet, train yourself, or even hire someone to teach you. You want to make it a full-time income source. Therefore, these steps are necessary.

Play various popular games like TEXAS HOLD’EM on various situs online poker. Since these are free to play; you can have a good practice session with them without losing your money.

  • No need to prove anyone except yourself

The previous tip told you that you are never a pro for yourself. Also, nobody knows you better than yourself. Therefore, practice so hard that people automatically start recognizing you. Unless you do not believe that you are a professional, consider yourself as a beginner. Do not get carried away by the appreciations from fellow players.

Many people, after winning a couple of tournaments and making money equivalent to their three months income think it as easy. It is easy to learn something but it takes several years of practice and hard work to master it. Same thing applies to poker as well.

Therefore, you need to win thousands of games simultaneously (or even more) if you want to become a professional. If not, then write an apology letter and ask your boss to hire you again.

  • Be truthful to yourself

In a job, we will earn monthly salary regardless of the work we do. It does not matter if you have done more work in the first week and less work in the rest of the weeks. You will still get the same amount of salary. But in a poker game, you don’t know how many tournaments you have to win in order to match the salary you get in office. And how many tournaments you need to play if you want to double your income. Therefore, be truthful to yourself. Are you willing to play 12 hours a day to match your current income or not? Can you win those tournaments to make extra income? Ask these questions to yourself. If you have a high paying job then we would suggest playing this as a hobby only.

There are many people who skip their sleeping hours just because a tournament is going on. Moreover also because that can yield them benefits which are worth in millions. Are you resolute enough to do it? You will not get any sick leave and there is no guarantee of success at all. Are you ready to take the risk?

  • Try all these before jumping in

If you agree to above all the terms and you are sure about leaving your job for this then attempt this challenge: Take a week off from your job and play poker for all seven days. See if you can play it nonstop and extensively. Check your concentration level, identify what is your limit, and the results may shock you. If you are among those one percent people who survived in this challenge and yield great results??  Then you can write that resigning letter now.

Otherwise, it’s just good to work in the office for you and play it as a hobby.

  • Keep your expenses ready

Let’s say you are among those confident players who did not try the above steps. Still, you believe that you can do it. In that case, keep at least six months of your regular expenses in a separate bank account.

Since we cannot stop you from taking the risk but at least we can provide you a backup plan. Which is for more in case anything goes wrong?

You must have more than a sufficient amount in your bank account if you want to take the risk. If not, then you will become broke in no time. Therefore, keep your expenses ready.

  • Act like a professional to become one

Does your current job allows you to work in pajamas? I guess no. Then why you are doing this in case of poker? You want to become a professional and do not want to be a hustler anymore the act like one. Many poker players take advantage of the freedom they have in this career and that’s why they never succeed. Therefore, make a schedule and work according to that. Treat online poker professionally.

Many people dream of becoming a professional player and they even try to become one. But they make some mistakes such as not treating the game professionally and fail. Therefore, coming up the next part of this article is:

Critical mistakes to avoid in order to become a professional poker player

  • Don’t misuse the starting hand charts

Those who are new to poker definitely know about this chart. This is a chart that helps you in choosing a hand by giving you a bunch of options. But wait, that sounds helpful. Then why using it is considered a critical mistake? Because using it is not a mistake but making a mistake in using it is a mistake.

It is confirm that a beginner needs to learn the fundamentals first. But some people want to move fast and they don’t pay attention to the fundamentals at all. Hence, they become rigid in using the chart and therefore made mistakes and ended up losing all money.

Therefore, learn the fundamentals and use the hands’ chart flexibly.

  • Do not consider all your opponents as same

You can avoid making mistakes you did as a beginner and can refine your skills. But while focusing on your strengths you forgot to focus on the opponent’s weakness. Therefore, you started treating each player the same. If you are focusing on your skills the other players are doing this too.

Hence studying your opponent plays a vital role in deciding your winning probability. Therefore, don’t treat all your opponents as same and study each of them separately.

  • Don’t do multi-tabling without profits

Multi-tabling; this term is knowable by various professional players because they do so. It is the process to play multiple tables simultaneously. If you’ve read any book of a professional poker player then you might have seen that they play 15+ tables at once. Then you assume that you can at least play twenty or thirty percent of their figure. This is where the trouble begins. They are professionals for a reason. They have mastered this and have faced several losses before.

Therefore, play one table at a time and when you start getting profit from it, add another table. Repeat this process until you can. However, there will be a point when things will start to break and to solve it simply start removing the tables that are yielding loss.

  • Learn basic mathematics

Let’s admit it; most of us didn’t like mathematics at the high school. That’s the reason we are not good poker. It is not a game of luck; instead, it is based on probability and statistics.

Even today most of us don’t like to learn math. Therefore, we miss out a big factor that saves a lot of money if you learn before. Hence, start playing online poker with mathematical calculations and see yourself growing in this game. You will start analyzing every situation logically and can make better in-game decisions.

Final words

So that’s it about the various critical mistakes you should avoid while playing online poker. We hope these professional tips work out well for you. Until then, good luck for the next round.

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