The Best SCADA Networks for IoT Application


While SCADA networks aren’t new, the utilization of both SCADA networks and IoT application has only recently become popular.

The fact of the matter is integrating an IoT application along with your SCADA network is an excellent way to take your business to the next level as it allows business to better collect and analyze data, which allows the ability for businesses to make more informed decisions.

Especially when in need of a SCADA .Net, it is important to use a quality SCADA network for your IoT application.

What is a SCADA Network?

Before revealing the best SCADA networks, it is important to have an understanding of exactly what a SCADA network is and how you can use it to gather accurate data on business processes.

SCADA, which stands for supervisory control and data acquisition, is a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to control industrial processes, gather and process real time data, and directly interact with devices.

While the concept of SCADA sounds complicated, it is actually quite simple in practice. In essence, SCADA networks allow you the ability to better collect organizational data and gives you the ability to better analyze that data and gain as much useful information on your business as possible.

Why Use an IoT application with your SCADA Network?

 So why should you integrate an IoT application with your SCADA network?

IoT applications allow you to take your SCADA system to the next level. By using SCADA networks for IoT applications you can do the following:

  • Data Aggregation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Data Creates Value in Multiple Applications
  • Enabling New Business Models

While traditional SCADA can work well for basic data collection and some simple analytic tasks, using a SCADA network for your IoT application can really enhance your business’ ability to gather and accurately interpret data, which will lead to more informed business decisions, better customer satisfaction and much more.

  1. Cimplicity 

Cimplicity is a proven automation platform that provides a great SCADA network. With cimplicity, you will be able to decrease operator response times, accelerate time-to-value and improve your business’ security.

Cimplicity’s SCADA network also offers situational awareness, faster configuration and deployment, highly reliable software, superior alarm capabilities, OPC UA connectivity and security and extensive drivers.

Due to the vast amount of advanced features and outstanding track record, Using a Cimplicity SCADA Network for IoT application is a great way to optimize your operator efficiency.

  1. Citect

Citect is another great SCADA network for IoT application that makes it easy to increase your business’ operations.

Citect’s SCADA system can also be very beneficial when used with IoT applications. Here are a few things that your business will be able to achieve with Citect’s SCADA system:

  • Significantly reduced engineering time
  • Reduced operator distractions and increased awareness
  • Increased operational productivity and real-time decision making

Citect also includes an out of the box library of symbols, faceplates, navigation and alarming tools. Also, with integrated alarm cause, you can easily process information which is easily accessible.

  1. iFix

iFix is another great SCADA system that allows your business to transfer data to and from SCADA systems to IoT learning engines and cloud platforms.

iFix, which is powered by GE, is constantly integrating the latest SCADA technologies to best gather and analyze useful business information. The benefits of using iFix’s SCADA network for IoT application include a high performance HMI, rapid application development, easier upgrades, reliable and secure design, context rich, model based navigation, intelligent alarming and highly extensible architecture.

Utilizing iFix with your IoT applications is a great way to increase productivity, learn your customers interactions with your products and so much more.

  1. RSView

Another fantastic SCADA network for IoT application is RSView. RSView has provided trusted SCADA HMI systems for a while and can be trusted to do the same with your business.

SImilar to the other top SCADA network systems, RSView’s SCADA system allows for maximum data collection and analytic properties, which leads to increased productivity, better customer service, more informed business decisions and much more.

While RSView isn’t as popular as other SCADA network systems, it is certain to be able to meet whatever business demands you may have.

Benefits of Using a SCADA Network for IoT Application

SCADA networks and IoT systems are strong by themselves. When combined in the right manner, however, they can provide extremely powerful information for your customer’s interactions with your products, your employees efficiency numbers and much more.

These four SCADA networks for IoT applications should be able to meet whatever data collection and analysis business needs you may have.

What are your thoughts on the future of SCADA and IoT? Leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below.