The 10 best tech jobs in the USA for 2018

best tech jobs

Nowadays everyone tries to get an education to have a perspective and highly paid job. To understand the value of a salary, it must be set in context. That is important not only for job seekers, who want to know where they will be best rewarded for their skills, but also for employers, who are engaged in a fierce competition to attract talent. It’s an obvious fact in America that Data scientists and DevOps engineers are at the top of the list of the most desirable job positions. It’s explained by the high salary, good perspectives, creativity, and flexibility.

A data scientist is the best job in America for the third consecutive year, according to Glassdoor’s annual Best Jobs in America report, released on Tuesday evening.

2018 can become the best year for data scientists, as 35% of hiring staff expect employees to quit in the next year.

Our information is based on Glassdoor’s list, which analyzes 50 positions in all professions.

Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain notes that Data Scientist is an expert in analytical data that has technical skills for solving complex problems, as well as a curiosity that helps to set these tasks. They are partly mathematicians, partly computer scientists and partly trendspotters.

Data Scientist requires real and practical knowledge of methods of statistical data analysis, skills of building mathematical models (from neural networks to clustering, form factor to correlation analysis), work with large data sets and unique ability to find patterns.

Data Scientist is a person who is able not only to extract and analyze but also process large data sets, presenting magic performances with the help of many tools. The profession of data scientist is still surrounded by a mass of myths. The data analysis specialist seems to be such a universal soldier who can solve diverse tasks, which analysts face. You have the opportunity to learn more about data scientist.

Chamberlain said, that we are faced with a fact, that all companies are becoming tech nowadays, that’s why they are searching for the employees, who constantly face limitations – technical, methodological and other, and find ways for new solutions. They make discoveries, together with analyzing and predicting. In Data Science there is a place for creativity: experts invent elegant solutions to complex problems, and also qualitatively visualize information, making templates understandable and convincing.

The key skills for the work like this are in the visualization of data, that means the presentation of data in a graphic format so that they can be easily analyzed. Machine learning, as the branch of artificial intelligence, based on mathematical algorithms and automation is also very important. Deep training, which represents  the field of machine learning, which uses data to model complex abstractions and

pattern recognition ( technology that recognizes patterns in data (often used interchangeably with machine learning) are inalienable components of job connected with Data science.

We want to show you a list of the top 10 tech jobs in America for 2018, according to Glassdoor:


  1. Data Scientist

Profession scoring: 4.8

Valuation treat: 4.2

Workplaces: 4,524

Average salary: $110,000


  1. DevOps Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.6

Valuation treat: 4.0

Workplaces: 3,369

Average salary: $105,000


  1. Electrical Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.5

Valuation treat: 3.9

Workplaces: 5,839

Average salary: $76,000


  1. Mobile Developer

Profession scoring: 4.5

Valuation treat: 4.1

Workplaces: 1,809

Average salary: $90,000


  1. Product Manager

Profession scoring: 4.4

Valuation treat: 3.7

Workplaces: 7,531

Average salary: $113,000


  1. Front End Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.4

Valuation treat: 4.2

Workplaces: 1,122

Average salary: $100,000


  1. Site Reliability Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.4

Valuation treat: 4.1

Workplaces: 1,064

Average salary: $120,000


  1. Software Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.3

Valuation treat: 3.6

Workplaces: 29,187

Average salary: $102,500


  1. Hardware Engineer

Profession scoring: 4.3

Valuation treat: 4.2

Workplaces: 806

Average salary: $115,000


  1. QA Manager

Profession scoring: 4.3

Valuation treat: 3.8

Workplaces: 1,741

Average salary: $92,000


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