Social Media for Casino Operators

The gambling landscape has completely changed with the help of social media, which has greatly contributed to the popularity of online games and has provided new ways in which gaming companies can engage with their players.

This makes it much easier to receive feedback from players, improve the gaming experience accordingly, and maintain a trusted user base. Here are some of the ways that gaming companies use social media:

Targeting the right audiences

Finding the right audience for your game is essential; therefore, social media platforms such as Facebook can help casino companies to distribute their games to the right audience that has an interest in such games. A game like Rainbow Riches, for example, can fit an audience that usually engages with story-driven games with heavily gamified elements. Not only that but the large variety of users on social media can have the right game recommendation depending on their past interests.

Also, operators need to pay attention to what they want to show on social media. For example, the UK Codes states that where there is user-generated content, operators need to ensure that their content is responsible and it won’t mislead people.

Targeting the audience can be done by the use of celebrities and social media influencers. It is a prominent method to engage the audience because it can share a sense of trust amongst the public and of course, this is another area, where operators need to be sure they adhere to the regulatory guidelines.


Engaging with potential players 

Social media allows greater engagement than any other forms of interaction. The immediacy of these platforms makes it very easy for companies to engage with potential users and their content. The way gambling operators can use these platforms to the fullest is by creating a positive personality around their brand and being active on every channel they are interacting with their players through. 

This can be done by simply posting regular content about the world of casino – perhaps the newest games, interesting facts or news, the player experiences and so on. Keeping social media activity will help engage with users and keep them interested for longer.

Creating a sense of community 

Having a community around a business is one of the best ways to gain popularity and attract new users. People tend to like the feeling as if they are a part of some bigger group that is full of like-minded members. This especially applies to casino companies, as passionate gamers always have experiences to share. Creating a community through social media where users can interact and socialize is what casinos strive for. Once it involves a sufficient amount of people, the need for management is little.

Which social media platform to use

Each social media platform has something different to offer and the new ones keep popping up every month. Choosing the right ones for your business is important, as that depends on the type of content you want to put out or the overall strategy that will be used. 


Facebook is the king of social media, with one of the biggest user-bases amongst all platforms. With the possibility to do posts and target specific audiences, Facebook is great for any general news about the casino games. It can be used for various content, updates, on-going contests and so on. Facebook is also great for tracking engagement through likes, comments, and shares, which makes it easier for companies to see which techniques work best and give returns. 


Twitch has only recently become as big as it is, mostly through E-Sports. Gaming enthusiasts from all over the world stream themselves play live and gain thousands of views doing so. Gamers like seeing more experienced users’ play, as they can root for them, see their techniques and generally be entertained. Although this is not as widely used with casinos, it could potentially be a great way to create communities. Getting interesting and charming personalities to play the games live will attract other enthusiasts. 


Twitter is an extremely active platform in terms of the customer relationship, as consumers tend to tweet about their experiences or concerns. This can be great for casinos, as you will be able to track general opinions about the games and casino itself as well as quickly answer any possible questions and inquiries. Sharing positive experiences and comments is also very effective, as users tend to trust the opinions of their fellow players more than the companies. 


Instagram is another massive platform that is necessary to master no matter what type of business you are. Instagram is all about the pictures and visuals, which is why it is great for all kinds of visual content that could interest the potential users. Besides the pictures of games and interior design of the casinos, this is a great opportunity to show the users some of the behind-the-scenes types of content. Similarly, to Facebook, Instagram is extremely easy to track the engagement levels with as well.