SEO Tips : 11 Tips To Improve Your Site Ranking In Bing Search Engine

Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search) is the current web search enginefrom Microsoft. Bing was unveiled by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmeron May 28, 2009 and since then growing on a steady pace. Started from 8.0 % of market share in May, 2009 : it is now 3rd largest search engine on the web with 11.5 % market share after Google and Yahoo (via nexus).

Clearly Bing’s importance in search is increasing and I think that webmasters should pay attention to their website’s search optimization.

As Bing already growing on a positive node, online marketers want to know that how to increase their website ranking and be on the top of the result page of Bing search engine.

So, in this article, we are sharing 11 SEO tips to improve your site ranking in Bing Search Engine.

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  • Title of your Webpage : The first and most important way is to put keywords that would summarize the contents of your webpage. To make your webpage on the top of the search engine, you must correlate the title with your webpage content.
  • Age of your Domain Page : Bing loves old domain pages. It simply means, older the domain page : more chances your webpage have to be on top of the search results page. So, next time when you think of opening a website, don’t forget to buy an old domain.
  • More and more text :Unlike other search engines, Bing seems to focus on amount of text. If the content of your web page has at least 300 words you are likely to get high rank in Bing search engine.
  • Check broken links : Always make sure to check broken links or unclosed tags from time to time. If there is any broken link on your website, Bing would not work properly to index your website which in results prevents people to re-direct to your web pages.
  • Proper HTML coding style : Make sure that your web pages are designed and coded according to standards of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). So, you have to use only well-formed HTML codes and test your web pages using W3C validation service for better evaluation.
  • Updated webpages : Bing likes updated webpages the most. It means if you have change the location of any webpage of your site, then you should re-direct your visitors to the new webpage.
  • MSNBot crawler friendly website : Make sure to use “robots.txt” file in your main directory which allows the MSNBot to crawl your website. MSNBot is a spider that crawls into your website to look for keywords and texts.
  • Link out to other websites : If compared to Google, your ranking of website is not effected by linking to a page outside your website. You can freely link to other websites as well but be sure not to overdo it because it may effect your Google pagerank. As we all know that Google penalize your rankings, it would be better to add rel=”nofollow” to your external link tags to save your website from Google’spenalty.
  • Keyword rich meta information : Be sure to put your best keywords in meta information which includes the meta description, title and keywords. All search engines love keyword rich meta information and this technique also applies same in Bing search engine.
  • Make your URL’s static and simple : A static URL is easier to index if compared to URL’s that are complicated or that changes often. And on the other hand, simple URL’s is also easy to bookmark and remember.
  • Watch for Malicious Softwares : Always check the links to the webpages which leads your visitors to malicious softwares or third-party websites that has malicious contents and contents that are unrelated to your website.

Most important tip is that your website’s content matches with your keywords which will surely help you to get good ranking in Bing search engine.

I know for many of them, these tips seem very basic or common. You have to believe me these things works but only when you stick with these tips.