How to Sell Your RC Car or Drone for the Best Price


Do you want to sell you RC car or a drone? Have you got tired of it already or do you only want to get the best price from its sale? Whatever the reason for selling, getting the price can be quite challenging. I’ve also sold a drone before, and I found that there are awesome platforms where you can get the best prices.


Here is a safe place for those of you looking to buy and sell all manner of things. Itís one of the popular marketplaces on the internet. Well, I donít think there is a better place to sell your drone. I didnít know how to go about it, but I later discovered that the process is straightforward. All you need is to create an account, and youíre ready to go!

I also took some pictures and listed some of the impressive features of the drone after going through some RC rank auto reviews to get an idea of how to best showcase my product.

Selling Through Social Media

Social Media

Although I did not want to use social media, itís another brilliant choice. Several social media platforms can make selling your drone easy and fast. Although they may not take care of your transactions the way eBay does, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all give your drone a wider market filled where you can easily get a buyer.

My Facebook and Twitter following is not as remarkable as that of other people. Even so, I realized that just by tagging your products and encouraging your few friends to share it is a huge step when it comes to selling your remote-control car or a drone. Using personal networks also means that you get a better chance of lowering risks. How so? Well, you have a better chance of getting a buyer whoís reliable. A friend may even vouch for him or her!

Selling Your Drone through a Specialized Platform

Specialized Platform

How many people are interested in remote control helicopters, cars or drones? Well, not so many. I see this as the biggest problem of using Social Media and eBay because they do not focus directly on the members of the community. So, the best thing to do is to join a community marketplace specifically for RC cars or drones. Letís have a look at some of the droneís marketplaces.

  1. Flyhum

Here is a new place to sell your drones which provides an excellent environment for sellers to talk about their products. I loved its small registration requirement where you only have to upload your droneís information and directly show the people who are interested in buying it. Youíll sell your drone quickly and get some real cash!

  1. Drone Tradr

Drone Tradr is one of the best marketplaces where you also get to sell and buy used RC drones. I noticed that it has a good number drones from all leading manufacturers. So, what does this mean? Well, let us say you want to get a new drone but first, you need to sell your old one. After you get a buyer, you can use the money and shop for an improved RC drone version!

  1. Dronesflip

Okay, Iím sure you want a guaranteed place where you can sell your RC drone. Dronesflip is another healthy marketplace where you can list all your used drones. And itís all for free! The site comes with some guides and reviews for different types of models to help in inspiring your next form of purchase.


You should remember that itís not how fast you sell, but the amount of cash you get after you sell it. I did not want to sell my drone and RC car at a low price. What good would it have brought me? Little to nothing. I went through a tedious process, but you donít have to go through the same. With the above tips, you have enough if not everything!