Save Money Substantially with help of these Top Apps

Undoubtedly, managing personal finance can turn out to be daunting. With countless bills to pay and little money to take care of them, finding yourself in a financial mess is becoming common nowadays.

Are you in debt? Have you been looking for the best way to get out of debt? Read on to learn about the best money management apps. These apps will not only help you track down your expenditures, save money, but also save plenty in the end.

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This is perhaps the most widely used application on personal finance. It gives you a complete and real time look into all your finances. This is from credit cards and student loans to bank accounts. Mint is highly effective at tracking down your spending; categorizing it and alerting you if/when you are almost approaching your budget limit. The app can help you with custom saving tips. You can view simple and intuitive charts and graphs real time.

You can download the iPhone or Android version of the app.


This application helps you make great use of your spare change in the low-cost ETFs. After connecting your credit card and checking accounts to it, it automatically rounds up all purchases to the nearest dollar. It then invests the difference within a portfolio that you choose. In “rounds ups” alone, users of this app will invest $30 to $180 monthly on average. Nonetheless, if you are in need, you can invest lump sum amounts of up to $30,000. You can download it on Android or iPhone.

Level Money

Level Money also goes by the name “mobile money meter.” Once you connect this application to your bank account, Level Money will automatically calculate your recurring bills and income. Afterwards, it will suggest what your monthly, weekly, or daily spending will be.

Level Money additionally comes up with the total amounts you need to be saving on a monthly basis and then subtracts the amount from your monthly budget. Moreover, you can set-up or create an auto-save amount. All cash that is left unspent from the budget will rollover to the savings account.

You can download for iPhone or Android.


With Digit, you can save substantial amounts of money which you did not even realize you had. Digit automatically scans your spending and income patterns. After this, it transfers little amounts of your savings that it believes will not be necessary to a totally different account, which it manages.

From the savings account, you can withdraw anytime you are in need of money. Nonetheless, you will not gain any form of interest off it. The best attribute about Digit is that it is free. It runs itself with all the interest it generates from its savings account.

The main value that you derive from this app is that it assists you in discovering and saving money which you would otherwise have spent elsewhere.

About Author : Hugo Charlie has been a credit counselor for the past 19 years. His experience can help you enjoy a debt free life. Find more information on debt relief at