Pocky Game : How to Play the Party Game

Pocky game is a party game played with Pocky which is a Japanese chocolate or candy coated biscuit snack. It is played with two participants with Pocky placed between them in a “Lady and the Tramp” style. Try to be the last so that you can hold onto the biscuit which may result in a kiss in the end.

You have to follow the given rules of the game. It is better to pick a partner you would love to kiss. You can become a great Pocky game player in no time.

The game has two main steps to follow;

  • Organizing a Game
  • Engaging in Play

Organizing a Game

Pocky Game

Buy Pocky.

Pocky are sweet Japanese cookies which come in many different flavors. You can find them at any local Asian market or in any of the international aisle at a mega grocery store. Milk chocolate is the most popular flavor of the Pocky. Pocky also comes in various other flavors like matcha or green tea, strawberry, and cookies ‘n cream.
In case, you are unable to find Pocky, buy a long and thin biscuit like bread stick will do.

Choose a partner that you would like to kiss.

Choose a partner in pocky game

When you are playing the game with a group of people, still the rules of the game remain the same. You can play with two couples at once. Then, the winners of both games would face off in their Pocky game. The Pocky game often results in a kiss, because it helps in picking a partner you would like to kiss to begin with. You can even use the opportunity to break the ice with your beloved crush. The game will bring you even more closer to a good friend.

Propose the game at a party.

The Pocky game is meant to be a fun with a sexy twist to party game. Bring Pocky to a party to make it a propose play. Start by saying, “Has anyone played the Pocky game before?” Either enthusiasm or curiosity will find its way, and you’ll have a captive audience to teach the rules. You can also play the game at sleepovers.

sexy twist to party pocky game

Brush teeth and check for good breath.

It will be considerate on your part to brush your teeth so that you have good breath for the Pocky game Because you’ll be getting close to the other players,. If you don’t have access to a toothbrush at the party, chewing a stick of mint gum for a little bit would do.Spit the gum out before you begin to play so that it doesn’t get stuck on the Pocky. Ensure your good health. It s better not to play game when you are sick. Brushing alone won’t help in getting rid of the germs.

Engaging in Play

Face the person you have selected as partner for the Pocky game.

pocky sticks

You will both require to have the same posture. Both sit or both remain standing. Get close to each other enough for faces are within about 12 inches or 30 cm of each other’s reach. Ensure that you are both comfortable. While standing will be too awkward, take a seat.

Place a Pocky stick between two.

Both the partners take opposite ends of the Pocky stick between the teeth, so the Pocky is creating a line between the two mouths. Try not to snap the Pocky yet. One player must countdown backwards from three to begin play. Only one side of the Pocky stick is covered with chocolate. The other side has only biscuit or wafer which doesn’t matter at all who gets the chocolate side. When playing in a group, consider someone else to start the countdown.

Bite the end until reaching the middle.

Both players bite respective ends of the Pocky stick to move towards the middle. Do not try to drop the Pocky while chewing throughout the process. The goal is to reach the middle. In case you drop the Pocky stick, try to grab another. In case of a group, you could both “lose” and will have to quit the game.

pocky sticks

Never pull away.

Both players’ will meet in the middle, with Pocky stick in their mouths. The one who pulls away first is the loser. It can be kind of funny to be so close to someone, and try not to giggle and lose the last bit of the Pocky stick. It is seen that no one turns away, which results in a quick kiss. So, it is win win situation for both the participants and the audience too. It is a game where everyone is a winner!