Password Removal From rar File Without Software


The most annoying part in downloading a file online is not able to access it. Sometimes you download a file online and tries to open it and access the files for some or the other use but it asks you for a password to unlock the file to access the files in it. This scenario mostly happens with the files in the format of Zip file or Rar files and people usually find it troublesome to unlock and open the files as they don’t have any clue about the password. In this article I’m gonna explain you how to unlock and get a access to these files with a simple method.

The files we are talking about , the rar and zip files are the compressed versions of a huge file which consists of huge number of small or individual files. By compressing we can compressed the size of the file which is easy to transfer which eventually leads to lesser time in transferring the data. So this way usually files which are uploaded online are usually compressed into zip or rar formats which makes it easy for the uploader to upload it and for the user to download it. One more added advantage with the rar files and zip files is, you can even put a password for the files to lock the files which can prevent data getting into undesired hands. Such rar or zip files which are locked to access can be unlocked using the method I’m going to explain you now.

How to remove password from RAR file without any software ?

We can find many RAR file password remover softwares online but lot of them doesn’t seem to serve any purpose for you in removing the password and unlocking it. I have had a shot at most of them but I did not see any of them giving fruitful results, Which is when I found this method to unlock RAR files or Zip files removing their password without any software help.

Remove password for RAR file online

RAR file can be converted into Zip file which in deed removes the password of the RAR file as it is not a RAR file anymore once it is converted into a Zip file. This way we can remove the password for a RAR file and get a access to the files in it without the help of any software.

Steps to reset RAR file password

  • Download the RAR file to your desktop or laptop any of the gadget you are using.
  • Search for a Online Zip Convertor.
  • Now browse your gadget for the RAR file that you downloaded earlier which is locked by a password.
  • Upload the RAR file in the convertor website.
  • Select convert file now.
  • Now the RAR file is converted to Zip file format by unlocking the file removing it’s password.
  • You can download the zip file you have converted and unlock the file without any sort of password and have a access to the files inside the Zip file.

By using this method to unlock RAR file without any software you can easily remove the password of the file. This shows us that removing the password of a RAR file is nothing but converting it into a Zip file which eliminates the password along with the existence of RAR file.

Remove RAR file password using notepad.

Removing the RAR file password and unlocking it with the use of Notepad is considered to be the easiest way to remove the password. Notepad is such a software which comes in built for most of the desktops and laptops. Unlocking a RAR file by removing it’s password, I doesn’t need any extra software to remove the password and get a access to the file using few easy techniques.

  • Download the desired RAR file which is secured by a password
  • Open the downloaded and password protected RAR file using Notepad.
  • Search for the key words on the second line and replace the values to the desired values.
  • Save the file after replacing the values which can be accessed with the win RAR. , Which eventually blinds off the use of password in having a access to the RAR files.

By following this simple method to remove password of a RAR file and unlock it to get a access of the files compressed and stored in that single RAR file. You does not require any software to do the job and can be achieved simply by following the methods articulated above. You can even extract the files out of the RAR file using this method. It’s now a cake walk to remove the password of a RAR file and unlocking it.