Optimize Your Videos for more Views on Instagram

Optimize Your Videos

Instagram videos take 3-60 seconds long in the news feed. When optimizing, remember that they lay in the loop and without sound. The viewer may miss some seconds of sound in the process.

When making the videos ensure, that sound comes when the viewer clicks on the video.

Videos you post are meant to increase your traffic on Instagram. You need to optimize them to increase the views.

Make your video to be self-defining at stages. The start, middle, and endpoints are affected by looping. Watching at any time by the view should inform the viewer of the video. The viewer should be able to understand your video at any point.

Use the boomerang and time-lapse videos as the end is as the beginning. Use the loop to your advantage.

Why Optimize Your Videos?

The videos you post should relay your message you want immediately. They are meant to capture the immediate attention of the viewer. Let your videos have the features that attract viewers to your content.

The viewers can watch videos on big and small screens. The desktop and various screens of the smartphones will play. The videos are, therefore, optimized to meet the viewers’ needs in any device.

The video with the best features attracts the viewers’ attention. Ensure the video has the best background and images. Use the graphics well and give quality videos to your audience. 

Make legible the words of the video. Let viewers like your video by memorizing.

How do You Create Optimized Videos for Instagram?

Start by creating videos before publishing. The best method is to pre-record your video, edit then upload. The video recorded can be edited to make imaging and background superb. The video should not be more than 250MB keeping in mind your audience. Pre-recording gives you the freedom to edit and add a clip. The features can be increased before uploading. 

The videos will be edited and of high quality. The views on your Instagram will increase with the help of the specialist.

Give your video descriptions, not long or very short. It should capture the viewer’s interest. Make it engaging to have reviews by your audience.  

Publish the High-Quality Videos

With so much going on on Instagram, you can schedule posts. Instagram offers you Later as a video captioning and scheduling function. Since you’re busy, let the rescheduling be done. Always post your videos at peak times. Scheduling is important to increase views. 

Know when the audiences are likely to view or watch the video. Then let that be your peak time and schedule the auto-publishing feature on Instagram.

Use Gifs and hashtags to attract attention to the videos. The audience should find about the new video you’ve posted.


The views can be increased greatly by optimizing your videos. You can use an expert to make your videos. Then buy the views, görüntüleme nas?l sat?n al?n?r? Get help from those who can increase your video viewing.

You can use apps to develop your videos or involve Crovu’dan Instagram görüntüleme alma. Having quality videos and using them at peak hours guarantees great views. If you have a public account, then your videos must increase your audience.