Most Surprising Ways to Use CBD Oil

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It seems more people than ever are taking an interest in the healing benefits of CBD oil these days. From a relaxation aid to a miracle cure for seizures, CBD seems to be a bit of a panacea when it comes to a wide range of health and well-being concerns. CBD users tout its many merits and easy application. They ingest it in foods, apply it topically, and even vape it. In fact, CBDís uses just seem to keep growing. Read on to learn some of the more surprising ways that CBD users are finding to take advantage of its many healing effects.

1.   Beer

For beer lovers, CBD offers a unique way to enhance a beer with health benefits and added relaxation. In fact, many beer companies are looking into ways to invest in CBD and THC-infused beer products in the future as the public starts to get more interested in hemp-based cannabinoid products. However, itís not something you should try at home. Although CBD has no psychoactive properties, it can be sedating, so brewing hemp is best left to the professionals.

2.   CBD-Infused Water

CBD-infused water is a terrific home CBD idea for getting those great CBD benefits like relaxation, stress relief, and overall health. CBD-infused water is a refreshing way to take your daily CBD dosage. Add a drop of CBD oil along with an infusion of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Mint and cucumber are a great addition to CBD water. You can also sweeten it with a little simple syrup or honey.

3.   Facial Tonic

CBD has a surprising number of benefits when used topically. This is why many CBD users swear by using it as a facial tonic. Some say it has anti-aging properties, while other CBD users appreciate its anti-inflammatory qualities. It can also help brighten your skin, restoring your natural glow.

4.   Microdosing

Microdosing is getting a good deal of attention as a novel way to use CBD. To maximize your CBD oil benefits, you can ďmicrodoseĒ it–that is, you can take your CBD dose in smaller increments throughout the day instead of taking it all at once. Microdosing helps you extend the benefits of CBD oil around the clock rather than in one dose that can eventually wear off.

5.   Skin Cream

If you love homemade skin care products, consider pampering yourself with a CBD oil-infused skin cream you can make yourself at home using your CBD oil. There are plenty of great recipes all over the Internet to create decadent skin cream products. Try creating your own skin cream using coconut oil, aloe vera gel, and cocoa butter. Add your favorite essential oils and youíve got a recipe for great skin.

6.   Coffee

CBD in coffee is a sure way to get your health benefits in your daily cup of Joe. CBD users who add CBD to their morning coffee say that it makes them happier all day long, setting the tone for a great day. For coffee drinkers who love coffee and canít live without their daily cuppa, itís a perfect way to take the edge off the inevitable coffee jitters you can get from that extra cup.

7.   Coconut Oil

Adding CBD to coconut oil can give you the foundation of countless recipes. Many CBD users love experimenting in the kitchen with the best ways to get their daily CBD dosage. Create your CBD-infused coconut oil and then go wild creating delicious baked goods from brownies to cakes. Or make yourself a delicious snack. The sky is the limit.

Surprising Benefits of CBD Oil

Whether youíre taking CBD oil for overall health or as an alternative to THC-infused health products, its health benefits are vast. It can help reduce pain, offer relief from anxiety, and give you a good nightís sleep. Because itís so easy to use, almost anyone can take advantage of its many benefits without the psychoactive effects that make THC a difficult match for some patients. If youíre ready to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, thereís never been a better time. Visit to learn more.

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