Monday vs Trello vs Asana Review + Comparison

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Project management software is a tool that allows you to have a global vision of the company and establish a more fluid collaboration framework between workers/users. You should use it to know how to manage a project.

These are programs that allow you to create different projects and assign tasks to users within them. The progress of these tasks can be seen on dashboards or on a calendar, to check that the deadlines are met. Likewise, the complete software also allows other possibilities, such as allocating resources or budget control.

In this article, you will find an expert review of project management tools so that you can choose the best project management software for your projects. In fast-paced digital agencies, the average project manager is likely to use a dozen different project management apps to keep on top of the ever-changing to-do list.

This article will help you narrow down your options for selecting the correct PM software by answering some common questions and offering a comparison of project management tools along with the criteria used to evaluate them. Here in this article, we compared the 3 best project management tools Monday vs Trello and Asana.

1.Monday.Com is much more than a simple project management tool. Since its launch (under the name daPulse), the SAAS tool has only developed new features. From automation to integration with third-party services, aims to become a true “WorkOS.”

The whole operating mode revolves around tables that contain items and columns that you can create, modify, and manage as you wish. For each of your needs, you can adapt your tables and go very far. 

Internally, we use it for production monitoring, feature development, recruitment, and customer support. The automation can be very extensive, and the time saved since it was started at Presse-citron is colossal. It is the most advanced project management tool on this list. if you are looking for a good alternative of this tool, the Nifty alternative to in all features.


Trello is another worldwide recognized project management tool. We also use it internally to manage the daily news feed publication. The way Trello works is very simple. In your space, you can create multiple columns that contain cards. These cards can be moved between columns.

On these cards, you can define (among others) members, attachments, deadlines, checklists, etc. You can also comment on each card, and Trello’s mobile apps perform well. The number 1 advantage of Trello is that the free account is often enough.


Asana is a collaborative project management tool recognized for its design. It can perform the same functionality as Trello, with the addition of project-based progress tracking. It is one of the simpler tools in this selection.

Asana can be used as a simple task management tool with a very simple interface and a powerful mobile application. It, therefore, replaces the task list and the various performance monitoring tools.

Tips for choosing the right project management software

We have presented you with the best project management tools, and surely now you are wondering which one to choose. Here are some tips:

Take a good look at which one has the necessary functionalities for your company. The first step is to know the aspects of your work system in which the software has to be powerful. Ideally, it should be scalable, and that it can grow if your company does.

  • If you work with multiple platforms, it will be good to look at the integration possibilities. It is useful that it integrates with processes and systems external to it. The tool has to be adapted to the company and not the other way around.
  • The practicality and ease of use are essential. It should not complicate the equipment; it should be simple and accessible to all users.
  • Cost is a factor to consider, as you will have to adjust to the available budget.

Before you buy project management software, take a look at possible video tutorials, and take advantage of the trial periods they usually offer. Many sharing communities and forums support most of these tools.


The first step in choosing a project management tool is to define your real needs. When a development team needs a tool for the implementation of the Agile method, a marketing team will need a project management tool integrating the possibility of having feedback from customers. You also need to choose the scope of your chosen tool when a or Trello focuses on tasks or tickets.

The main advice we could give you is to select a few, then (when possible) take advantage of the free trial periods to give you a final opinion. All the tools review in this article comes with great features.