Mobile PUBG : Popular Open-World Survival Shooter Game

Mobile PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s mobile port, is a hugely popular open-world survival shooter game that’s available for free on Android and iOS. It’s been one of the favorite games for multiplayer. With the whole country in corona lockdown, it is one of the best ways to pass the time with Mobile PUBG every day.

We realize many of you are already seasoned Mobile PUBG veterans. There have been many new players due to corona lockdown who’ve installed the game for the first time – one of the reasons being peer pressure from their friends and family or curiosity.

You, too, maybe one of the new players. Here are some basic tactics and strategies to survive till the end. Playing solo or in a team, it’s good to know the game’s settings and elements, which should give you a strategic advantage over others.

Mobile PUBG : Know on-screen controls

New to third-person shooters playing type on a smartphone, then it’s essential to get comfortable with the basic commands. Don’t worry about trying to win a game. Only practice aiming, running, crouching as small tasks. This will develop the memory of the control layout of the phone. You need not search for the right button on the mobile. If you are uncomfortable with the default controls, then you can choose from three preset controls or customize according to your choice. The software allows us to move the on-screen buttons around and modify the size. It will help you next time to pull the trigger in haste.

Mobile PUBG : A deserted spot to land as safe zones

While playing a Classic map, solo or team, it’s best if you don’t land in a very “popular” spot as the chances of getting killed upon arrival are a lot higher. For example, if you’ve chosen the Erangel map, then places such as the Military Base, School, Pochinki, and Hospital are some of the places where most players land since there’s a variety of weapons and stuff to be looted. It’s also high-risk, so if you’re not seasoned enough, you will get picked off almost immediately. Choosing an area on the outskirts of the island won’t give you as much variety of loot, but it should increase your chances of survival, especially if you’re a beginner.

Mobile PUBG : Eye on the map

It’s easy to lose track of time looting houses in PUBG Mobile, which is why it’s essential to keep an eye on the map. Tapping the map icon in the upper right corner gives you a fair idea of where you need to be to make it to the end. As much as possible, try and be inside the play area (the white circle), as with time, this circle keeps shrinking. When the game begins, there’s usually plenty of time to make it inside the loop, even if you happen to land far away from the play zone.

Keep an eye out for the ‘blue’ zone, though, which surrounds the main play area and intermittently keeps shrinking too. If you’re caught outside the blue zone, then your health starts dropping rapidly, till you make your way inside it. The map also shows you nearby gunfire, so you know from which direction an opponent is approaching. If they are walking or running, you’ll also see little footstep imprints on the map, to alert you that someone is nearby. ‘Red zones’ are also displayed on the map, which informs you of an upcoming bombing streak. If you’re caught in a red one, find some shelter till it passes.

Mobile PUBG : Avoid greedy looting

Killing an opponent will leave a small loot box on the ground with all the player’s weapons, ammo, that he or she has collected throughout the game. Ideally, don’t get greedy and break cover to loot the crate. There is a perfect chance that other members of your opponent’s team are around and could ambush you when you do so. We’ve seen this happen countless times, so don’t make this rookie mistake.

Mobile PUBG : Graphics for smooth and silky gameplay

When you first fire up PUBG Mobile, the game will automatically choose the best graphics preset, depending on your phone’s processor and RAM. However, in case you still find the gameplay a bit choppy, then you can reduce it further. Head to Settings > Graphics, and from here, you can play with the Graphics and Framerate buttons. Lowering one or both of these settings should result in smoother gameplay. The game might not look very visually appealing when you reduce the settings, but at least it should be more seamless, which is what matters.

Mobile PUBG : Using grenades and Molotov cocktails

When scavenging houses for ammo and weapons, don’t forget to stock up on grenades and Molotov cocktails, too, if you come across them. Smoke grenades help you create a diversion, while frag grenades are useful in flushing out enemies who are camped out on the upper floors of a building or house. Molotov cocktails are equally deadly and can deal with some right amount of damage while flushing out enemies into the open.

Mobile PUBG : Choose weapons wisely

Other than a pistol, you have two slots for your two primary weapons, so choose them well. You’ll want one gun, which is suitable for close to medium range shots and the second for long-range shots. An assault rifle like the M416, AKM, or SCAR-L is some of the staples in PUBG Mobile. We prefer the M416 the best as it has a high rate of fire, is compatible with most attachments, and doesn’t have a lot of recoils. For our second gun, we usually prefer a long-range weapon like a sniper rifle, such as the VSS and SKS. In case you don’t find a sniper, you can search for a high-zoom scope and fit a second assault rifle. We’d also recommend choosing two of your primary weapons with different bullet types. This way, you’re not sharing the same bullets across two guns.

Mobile PUBG : Shoot only confident to kill

In PUBG Mobile, you can take two routes of gameplay. If you’re already well inside the play zone and have looted enough supplies, you could find a cozy spot on a roof, a house, or a building and camp there. It’s not going to be very exciting at first, but if you have a good vantage point and with a long-range weapon, it can be a lot of fun to pick off enemies one by one as they approach you.

However, only take the shot if your opponent is within range, and you have the right gun for the job. There’s no point in firing a shotgun at someone who’s hundreds of meters away, as you’ll only be giving away your position by doing so.

Mobile PUBG : Use vehicles frequently

Especially bigger ones like Erangel. There are various types of cars strewn all over the map, so at times, it’s better to hop into one of them and drive to where you need to go. Remember that driving or riding a vehicle will alert other players with a corresponding icon on their maps, so use vehicles wisely. There are even boats in the game. At times, the road isn’t always the quickest option, so spend some time on the map to plan your route.

Mobile PUBG : Communicating with teammates

Part of the fun in PUBG Mobile is playing as a team. Whether all of you are sitting in the same room or different places, it’s essential to communicate what’s happening around you continually. You might stumble upon a stash of bullets that are needed by another teammate. You might spot another team approach — all of which need to be communicated with your team.
The compass on the top of the screen is handy in informing your squad the direction from which you’ve heard gunfire or seen an enemy sneaking past. In case you die prematurely, it’s good to spectate the match, in case you spot something your teammate can’t.

Mobile PUBG : Using wired or Bluetooth earphones

Sound plays an integral part in surviving a match of PUBG Mobile. Use a pair of wired headphones as the spatial separation makes it easy to sense the direction in which an enemy is approaching or even if you need to chat with your teammates. Unless you have outstanding speakers on your phone, headphones are the way to go. Bluetooth earphones work just fine too, but make sure they have low latency, so there’s minimal delay between your actions in the game and the corresponding sound you hear.

Mobile PUBG : Surviving the battle

If you’ve made it to the final of the game, till the tiny white circle, and a handful of players remaining, keep your movements minimalistic. Since there’s a minimal play area, any action you make will be amplified, and the chances of being spotted increase exponentially. If the final play area shrinks around an open field,  best is to lay in the grass and slowly move with grass cover. You can use the ‘eye’ icon to see around, without moving. Keep magazines fully loaded, health fully patched up and energy drink to a boost health. Fire only, when sure of a kill.