Logic Pro X vs Adobe Audition 2022

Let’s today compare Logic Pro X vs. Adobe Audition 2022. But before that, you must understand what audio editing software is all about in brief.

Audio editing software offers you the digital tools to record, edit, and create audio files. As a result, audio editing software is occasionally referred to as a DAW or digital audio workstation. Podcasters, TikTokers, DJs, video editors, and other media producers often use this software to rework audio.

The procedure of editing audio files can be time-consuming and monotonous, and the best audio editing software programs make it more manageable for you. There are free alternatives and paid ones, which may affect your choice. In addition, the best audio editing software has a user-friendly editing interface, comprehensive editing tools, outcomes, and add-ons.

Logic Pro X vs Adobe Audition 2022

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Adobe Audition 2022

You can use Logic Pro X to produce “down-and-dirty” musical snippets to serve as soundtracks for short explainer and marketing videos. These are generally done for the tech industry; the tracks skew towards electronica and don’t have to be particularly innovative or unusual sounding. FPX is brilliant for this — out of the box, the vast collection of instruments and effects make it easy to just layout cool-enough background music. The “Drummer” feature is beneficial, as it instantly gives the piece a custom drum track. You can also do simple sound editing… mainly just timing out voice-over and limited sound effects to picture and mixing it to background music. While FPX might not be the best tool for really complex editing/mixing, it is more than adequate for our purposes.

Adobe Audition 2022

Logic Pro X Adobe Audition 2022

An excellent sound editor and also good for studio voice recording. Easy to use, easy to do things like cut audio, tune and convert, process and mix. Can convert audio to many supported formats that conform to standards. The integration between other adobe products is so good – and if you pay for Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Audition comes at no extra cost.


  • Logic Pro X
    • Audio Editing
    • Midi Editing and composition
    • Audio mix down and mastering
    • Live music performance
  • Adobe Audition 2022
    • Huge amount of features, tools and audio effects.
    • Live listen feature that allows you to listen to your voice with effects while recording.
    • Adobe Audition mixes audio really well.
    • You can save pre-sets in Adobe Audition which gives a lot of saved time when you want to use the same effects a second time.


  • Logic Pro X
    • Logic Pro X is designed for music editing, so the help documents and videos don’t often address your needs.
    • It’s designed for someone with more technical expertise, so it can be overwhelming at times
    • You would like color code segments more easily
  • Adobe Audition 2022
    • Audition is serious app that will require time to master.
    • While Adobe has done an excellent job of making it approachable, there is a considerable learning curve to unlocking its best features. Knowing that, going in should ease user frustration.


  • Logic Pro X: Like every DAW, it takes some time and getting used to, but Logic’s tools and interface make sense to anyone familiar with Apple products and music tools
  • Adobe Audition 2022: It isn’t easy to jump in and learn the program, though most Adobe products aren’t easy to use the first time around. The UI is not friendly, and it is cumbersome and intimidating when you first try it. In addition, it seems too difficult to use for simple audio changes, but for the more advanced audio work, it’s the perfect solution.

Support Rating

  • Logic Pro X: The user community of Logic Pro X is vibrant, responsive, and lively. There are many great forums out there where you can solve any problem you encounter, whether it’s sound card latency, a specific plugin not working, audio routing, multitrack issues, or virtually anything else you run into. The community is so helpful getting 10 on 10 for Logic Pro X; You would never have to contact their official support department since there is such a great user community.
  • Adobe Audition 2022: No need to contact support has many users, and most problems can be solved relatively easily. A cursory search for known issues in Adobe Audition yields a support website with many workarounds posted by the official Audition team. They seem responsive and eager to continue fixing bugs and improving the application, which can be taken as a sign that their support is top-notch, as you would expect from other people’s experience using other Adobe products.

Alternatives Considered

  • Logic Pro X: Pro Tools is more expensive but does similar things to Logic. Thankfully, Logic rests in the middle where the price is affordable, but it allows a wide assortment of tools and Apple’s software and support reliability.
  • Adobe Audition 2022: Most problems can be solved relatively easily. A cursory search for known issues in Adobe Audition yields a support website with many workarounds posted by the official Audition team. They seem responsive and eager to continue fixing bugs and improving the application. Adobe Audition is not as intuitive, but it is part of the Adobe Creative Suite makes it far more cost efficient for smaller to medium businesses. You may select Adobe Audition as a primary audio editing software because of its capabilities with Premiere Pro and the fact that we generally use it for audio recording and minor edits- nothing that would need 30+ audio tracks and multiple custom plug-ins.

Return on Investment

  • Logic Pro X
    • It would help you work – literally, by being your main program.
    • The name recognition means directors & producers trust your company.
  • Adobe Audition 2022
    • Audition makes Audio editing/production so efficient that you will be able to produce audio more rapidly than any other software.
    • The option to save in multiple file formats and save session files makes it easy to go back and make edits to completed projects with just a few clicks.
    • All Audition versions work well together, so whether you have the latest version or an older one, you can pick up any session file and edit as needed.


To choose the best audio editing software, you may look at features available for beginner to expert needs, including basic audio edits, podcasting, live recording, and music production. Significant factors like editing features, production features, supported file types, supported-operating systems, pricing, and available plug-ins are also considered according to the user’s needs. We hope the above comparison Logic Pro X vs. Adobe Audition 2022 will help in your endeavor.