Latest Wedding Photography Trends

Wedding Photography

Your wedding is probably the biggest event in your life, one you’ve waited for and dreamt of for years. Such a major event needs to be chronicled and recorded for posterity. After all, you would want to share these beautiful memories with your grandchildren years down the line. To make these beautiful moments last forever, you need someone who can record these memories so that they last for times immemorial.

These days, wedding photography is not just about simple portraits. There are so many other trends, which are considered an important part of wedding photography today. With so many new techniques and trends in the arena of wedding photography, you need a wedding photographer who is updated with all the latest innovations in this field. You should be aware of these trends so that you know what to discuss with your wedding photographer.

Candid Photography

Candid Photography has taken the world of wedding photography by storm. Gone are the days when wedding photography meant taking pictures of guests as they posed with the bride and the groom and smile into the camera. Candid photography is about catching raw emotions on the camera. It is about catching you unawares and capturing that moment for posterity. Candid photography is an art. It is about knowing the right angles and having your finger on the pulse of the moment. These are the pictures that bring your memories to life and take you back to the exact moment. Candid photography gives you a peek into the making of a wedding. It shows the tears and the sweat and the planning that goes into a wedding before we see the bride and groom on stage.

Drone Photography

Drone photography is very much in demand these days. It involves specialized equipment and may, therefore, be more expensive. With drone photography, you can get pictures from a different perspective. Drones have cameras attached to them and they can take pictures from a height. These look amazing as they can capture entire groups of people and can also capture some amazing views. Drone photography is an excellent option for outdoor venues and celebrations but it is not easy to operate a drone, so you need to make sure that the person operating it is fully trained.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

The trend for pre-wedding shoots has been on the rise since the last few years. These days no wedding seems to be complete without a pre-wedding shoot of the bride and the groom. A pre-wedding shoot is a good way to keep the memories of the romance of your early days alive. A pre-wedding photoshoot is not easy. It is almost like film shoots with beautiful locations, change of costumes, make-up, etc. Your photographer should be an expert who can make you pose in just the right way and to be able to capture your emotions too.

Photo Booths & Social Media

With the advent of social media and its penetration into all our daily lives, how can weddings be far from their influence? Guests take pictures and upload them on social media instantly. For this reason, it has become a trend to make photo booths set around a theme, where your guests can take pictures and upload them instantly. These photo booths have props such coloured wigs, oversized sunglasses, dialogue bubbles, funny dialogues etc. to make your photos more fun. Wedding hashtags are also a part of this social media photography trend. Guests can upload pictures with the relevant hashtag and all the invitees can see these pictures.

Black and White Wedding Photography

Black and white photography has a timelessness and elegant grace to it. These pictures draw attention to the subject and its emotions while coloured pictures tend to draw your attention away. Because of this ethereal quality of black and white pictures, many couples today prefer to have a part of their wedding photographs in black and white.

Images by Wedmegood & Shutterstock