Kapwing Review


Often, students and teachers look for a robust online video editing website to create great videos for various purposes. In quest of such a website, you will stumble upon different options which promise exciting feature. Among such website, one that caught our attention is Kapwing.

Kapwing is essentially an online video editing website which comes with the suite of exciting tools. At present, thousands of students and teachers are using it every day in order to make quality lessons, classroom assignments and entertainment videos. Here we will describe and discuss how these people are using this website a powerful educational tool.


There are nine editing features which come with this website. They are:

  1. Meme Maker- You can easily add a text caption either above or below or both on your video.
  2. Subtitle Maker- You can type and also time out any text on overlay on top of your video.
  3. Sound Effects Editor- You are provided with the ability to add fun sounds from a great library of effects.
  4. Filers- You can easily adjust both the colour and the lighting.
  5. Loop- You can make any clip longer by simply playing it on repeat.
  6. Trim- If you want to shorten the video to any specified time, you can easily do it.
  7. Stop motion- You can add stop motion ďeffectĒ with any of your existing videos
  8. Montage Maker- You can combine different images as well as video clips into one continuous video.
  9. Resizer- You can easily crop or fit the videos to the perfect aspect ratio for various social media channels.

Now letís discuss why this online video editing website is best for the schools. The very first instance that sticks out is that there is no type of obstacles or any distractions in the way.

There are a plethora of reasons which Kapwing is a great educational tool.

  1. The first essential reason is that there is no requirement for registration, sign in or account setup. Students donít have to sign in, and the teachers donít have to manage the rosters. Users can easily and immediately upload any video, photo or even a GIF for editing purpose without passwords getting in between.
  2. Another major reason is that there is no requirement of installation or any software updates as it is a website which is always up to date and you donít have to download anything.
  3. It is free to use, and you donít have to spend any money out of your budget. It is and will always remain free to use.
  4. There is added advantage of Kapwing that it works on Chromebooks, Macs, iPads, Windows and all other types of devices.
  5. It doesnít have any distracting ads or video content. It is a tool which doesnít have any content that distracts the students from their assignment or lesson.
  6. It works well with Google Drive, YouTube, and many more. Both students and teachers can easily paste a GIPHY, Drive, YouTube, Vimeo or a different URL in order to edit any existing video or even recycle any content that any other teacher has created.
  7. It is quite simple to use. All of the tools of this online video editing website are designed for people who have no experience in video editing. You donít require any technical tutorials. You have to merely open the website, and you are good to go.

There are various ways that creative users can learn with video. They can make visual flashcards which act out new vocabulary words. They can simply trim video clips from any of the movie version of a novel that their class is reading to see any scene from a different perspective. They can find GIFs in order to summarize the feelings of any specific moment or character. They can also use grayscale as well as high-contrast filters in order to add drama to their dramatic reenactments or even poetry recitations. They can also use subtitles to add narrative or even summary to any silent film.


Kapwing is a highly effective tool for creating great videos which can be utilized by both students and teachers. It is a great online video editing website which offers a plethora of utilities and features that makes the task of making videos very easy. One can easily add various effects, add subtitles or texts, trim the videos, make montage etc. All of its inherent features are easy to use and doesnít require any technical knowledge in order to use them. We certainly recommend this website to all the students and teachers who are looking for a potent and robust online video editing website to create great content. In case you have anything more to add to this review of Kapwing then let us know.