iPad stuck on Apple logo


In case you are using Apple iPad, you have most probably encountered the situation of seeing your iPad stuck on Apple logo and you can’t just do anything about it. It is this scenario when the great image of the iconic logo of Apple can become irritating to anyone. But how can you actually recognize that this is the real problem? Well, your iPad will be stuck on the Apple logo, and it won’t be working at all. You won’t be actually able to use its functions and pressing the Home button won’t do anything. You can also power down the iPad with the Power button, but still, it won’t do anything. You will probably get panicked if you see this screen. If you are currently dealing with this problem, then we understand how you exactly feel and we come with the right solution to this problem. Read this article to know how to deal with this problem and fix the iPad stuck on Apple logo.


There are three main options in order to fix this problem. We will be describing them in detail:

  1. Force Restart- This is the most basic solution where you try to force restart your iPad. It is a basic as well as a free option but often doesn’t work in most cases. You can certainly try this one but don’t be surprised if it fails to solve your problem.
  2. Solution with No Data Loss- Using online programs like dr.fone is the fastest and one of the most efficient way to fix the iPad which is stuck on the Apple logo, and you don’t risk the loss of your data.
  3. Restoring in Recovery Mode- Even though this method will erase all of your data on the iPad, you can still use the previous backups in order to restore everything with ease.


Solution 1- Force Restart iPad to Fix iPad Stuck on Apple Logo

Using a forced restart in order to fix an iPad when it gets stuck on the Apple logo remains to be the first thing that people often try, and it can actually work. It generally works best in case there isn’t any problem with the iPad in the first place. Even if this doesn’t work, it is certainly worth a try. There is no harm in trying it.


Solution 2- Fix an iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo without any Data Loss

So, if the force restart didn’t work for you and your iPad is still stuck on the Apple logo, we know it can be quite frustrating. However, you can easily move on to the best and affordable step which will solve this problem and also save your data. Go to the dr.fone website and then scroll to the Repair option. Now, the dr.fone team has particularly designed an online program, dr.fone-Repair to get rid of different iPad issues like “stuck on the Apple logo” problem which you are facing. It fixes the iOS and also sets it back to the normal without any type of data loss.

The main features of this are:

  1. It only fixes your iOS to normal without any data loss.
  2. Fixes different iOS system problems like looping on start etc.
  3. Fixes iPad and iTunes errors.
  4. Works on different models of iPad.
  5. Fully compatible with the iOS 12 Beta which is the latest iOS from Apple.


Steps to Do

  1. Go to the dr.fone website and then download the dr.fone program and install that in your PC or the MAC computer. After the entire installation process is completed, now double-click on the dr.fone icon which is present on the desktop. It launches the program..dr.fone icon
  2. Connect your iPad to your computer using a USB cable.
  3. Navigate to the dashboard and then select “Repair”.
  4. A window will then pop-up. Now click on “Start” when you actually see it.dr.fone
  5. Now another window will pop up, which prompts you to choose your specific iPad model and then prompt you to download the rightly matched iOS firmware.dr.fone
  6. As soon this download is finished, the dr.fone will start repairing the issue which is causing the frozen Apple logo on the iPad screen.dr.fone
  7. Once this problem is repaired, the iPad will restart automatically. You will now be able to use it normally. This annoying problem is now fixed, and you can easily use it as the iPad is fixed. The irritating Apple logo stuck on the iPad will finally go away.

What can be the reason for the iPad to get stuck on the Apple logo?

In case your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo, you might be wondering what has actually caused this particular problem. If you are able to know the reason behind this, you are less likely to have it actually happen again. Check out a few of the most common reasons which your iPad home screen can get stuck on the Apple logo.

  1. Upgrade Issue- You may notice that your iPad get stuck on the Apple logo immediately after you have upgraded to the latest iOS 11 or iOS 12. This can actually happen for a wide range of reasons, but it is generally down to trying to install the latest iOS on the older iPad. Besides the problem of iOS12, iOS 11 is also one of the most trouble causing iOS versions.
  2. Jailbreaking the iPad- Whether you have tried to actually perform the jailbreak all by yourself or take it to a technician, your iPad can become stuck on the Apple logo after you have actually attempted the jailbreak process.
  3. Happens after restoring from iTunes- No matter why you are actually restoring your iPad, it can easily become stuck on Apple screen after restoring it from the iCloud or iTunes.
  4. During Restore or an Update- We all need to update or restore our iPads on a regular basis for different reasons. In case you are currently having any issue while installing any particular update or even performing a regular restore, the iPad can easily get stuck on Apple logo.

Can this problem be caused by Hardware problems?

In case your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo, and you have actually tried all the above-mentioned solution, then the problem might be with the hardware, and not actually a software issue. In such case, you need to carry out few things.

  1. Arrange a troubleshooting appointment by phone or online with Apple Support.
  2. Head to nearest Apple store to check if they can easily assess and also diagnose the problem.
  3. In case your iPad is out of warranty, and the Apple is quoting higher rats, you can always seek the advice of any independent technician.

We know how frustrating it can actually be to stare at your iPad and just see the screen which got stuck on the Apple logo. In case you have seen the Apple logo that got stuck on the Home screen many times, it is the right time to fix this problem for good. By using these different steps mentioned above and also following the advice which we have included in this article, your iPad will be back up and running within a few minutes.