Is Investing in Dagcoin a Good Idea in 2018


Cryptocurrencies have taken the global financial market by storm. Everybody, with an aim to make quick bucks, is investing in one or the other cryptocurrencies. A new name which has recently emerged in the cryptocurrency sector is Dagcoin which, unlike other cryptocurrencies, is based on DAG-chain. DAG-chain has completely solved the two primary issues being faced by blockchain based cryptocurrencies i.e. rising transaction costs and ascending transaction confirmation timings. Hence, the massive popularity of Dagcoin and other DAG-chain based cryptocurrencies is understandable. Each and every investor, whether big or small, is inquiring about Dagcoin price, Dagcoin exchange etc. Therefore, the questions that arise are whether DAG-chain will completely take over blockchain? Is Dagcoin the cryptocurrency of the future? Is Investing in Dagcoin a good idea?

To get the answer to these questions one must understand the working of DAG-chain. While in blockchain an external miner is required to contribute to the processing power for confirming a cryptocurrency transaction; there is no requirement of an external miner in case of DAG-chain. Transactions done over the DAG-chain gets confirmed through the transaction done prior to it and the chain continues in the same fashion. With this approach, DAG-chain has completely solved the problem of scalability faced by blockchain based cryptocurrencies. More the number of users present over a DAG-chain better will be its performance. As of now, transactions made in Dagcoin cryptocurrency get confirmed in minutes with a speed which is 300 times faster than bitcoin. This speed will improve further as the number of users transacting in Dagcoin over the DAG-chain increases.

As you can see very little energy is required to keep the DAG-chain in operation and users donít have to witness any kind of slow-down days at all. This keeps in check the transaction cost involved with Dagcoin cryptocurrency which is a mere 0.0005 USD as of now. Moreover you neednít pay heavy commissions over DAG-chain as the system of DAG-chain automatic is implemented which enables users to pay commission in a single cryptocurrency over all the platforms unlike the traditional blockchain where user needs to pay commission to a particular platform provider in the same cryptocurrency, exchange service of which the provider is giving to the users.

This entire system of the functionality of DAG-chain makes the cryptocurrencies based on DAG-chain pretty simple to use and extremely convenient thereby increasing the scope of its massive adoption. Moreover, Dagcoin has its own business platform termed as DagPay and a Merchant Finder where you can find the merchants who are currently accepting payments in Dagcoin. If you are a merchant yourself, you can easily apply to be a member of the Merchant Finder community of Dagcoin and start accepting payments in Dags.

The entire mission behind developing Dagcoin is to create a user-friendly cryptocurrency that can be adopted globally especially by the population living in those areas where centrally managed banking services are non-existent.

Coming to the question whether it is a good idea to invest in Dagcoin or not; in our opinion, Dagcoin is, indeed, the cryptocurrency of the future and will be an excellent idea to invest in Dagcoin. Though development work is going on the blockchain to solve the issue of rising transaction costs and increasing transaction confirmation times, an acceptable and satisfactory solution hasnít been -implemented so far. Therefore, it shouldnít come as a surprise if blockchain becomes obsolete in the near future and entire cryptocurrencies start running over the DAG-chain. Even the popularity of Dagcoin is rising day by day and we are witnessing more and more merchants registering themselves over the Dagcoin Merchant Finder portal. This could easily be termed as a new beginning in the field of cryptocurrency. Hence, in our opinion, an investor who is looking to put some money in Dagcoin should do so without thinking twice as the possibility of making big profits from the same is tremendous.

Please note that we are not providing any investment advice in the post and simply expressing our personal opinion on the matter. Anybody who is looking to invest in cryptocurrencies must carry out an intensive amount of research before proceeding.