I Am Groot animated series: Arriving on Disney Plus

I Am Groot will strike Disney Plus on August 10. The animated series of shorts centers close none other than the Baby Groot himself, in which Vin Diesel reprises his part as the voice of the attractive anthropomorphic sapling.

Marvel Studios mocked the upcoming series in a tweet, leading off an official poster with Baby Groot relaxing out atop one of the headphones attached to Peter Quill’s (recreated by Chris Pratt) iconic Walkman.

He sleeps beside a palm tree-shaped air freshener that demonstrates just how tiny he is with two four-eyed penguin-like creatures (somehow even more diminutive than Baby Groot) peeking out from behind. We haven’t noticed these two mischievous-looking creatures in any of The Guardians of the Galaxy films, but it examines like they’ll play some part in the new series.

Besides the poster, Marvel and Disney haven’t announced much else about the show. However, Marvel vaguely defines it as “following Baby Groot’s glory days growing up, and reaching into trouble among the stars.” We don’t understand if any other Guardians will create an appearance in the show in an animated form or if it’ll solely focus on Groot (and his minimal vocabulary).

Disney already has several short series geared toward kids on its streaming service that track the beloved side characters that may not include gotten the spotlight in the movies they occurred in, like Olaf Presents, Dug Days, and Ice Age Scrat Tales. I’m not denying that Disney milks the hell out of these characters’ lovability, but I’m not grumbling either.

I Am Groot is set to debut before She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which arrives on Disney Plus on August 17. It’s the first original Guardians of the Galaxy spinoff, but isn’t Disney’s last the live-action Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will stream exclusively on Disney Plus in December.

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It was completed with a favorable reception of its content library upon launch but was condemned for technical problems and missing content. Alterations created for films and television shows also attracted media attention. Ten million users had subscribed to Disney+ by the future of the first day of its operation. The service has 137.7 million global subscribers as of April 2, 2022.