HR Block Review & Why Bloggers Need This

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Most of the blogger face issues when it comes to tax preparation associated with their blogging income. For any blogger, it can be a tedious task since tax-filing can be bit overwhelming. To mitigate this problem, you can use tax preparation solutions which are available in the market.

In case you are looking for best online tax preparation solution then H&R Block is the perfect choice for you. It features a simple and sleek interface which has straightforward filing process. It is a great solution for people who seek an easier and quicker online tax filing program when it comes to non-complicated returns. This solution is thorough when it comes to the process of identifying exemptions along with deductions and credits. It has a guidance feature which allows you to know the tax jargon.

Now, let’s look at its various features and characteristics.


  1. Ease of Usage

The tax preparation interface of HR Block is just like an interview. This program takes you along through the tax form in stepwise form and asks you to fill out the form in simple yes or no questions along with the checklists. Then it populated the official form based on your answers, automatically. This format is very straightforward and quite easy to grasp. It also allows you to easily find and edit the errors. Its interface is quite clean and very easy to navigate through the various parts of the filing.

This program performs a tremendous job in helping you through the different complicated parts of the return with various frequently asked questions which are hyperlinked to different pop-up answer boxes. However, its free version includes advertisements which upsell you on its different additional features.

Completing the tax form is quite simple with this tax software, but it doesn’t give you an in-depth look at tax filing. This software calculates the form amounts automatically but doesn’t give you a clear explanation about the method with which it reaches to those conclusions. In order to fill the form, you have to go through the interview process as you are not allowed to fill out the information directly onto the tax form.

Most of the bloggers are unaware of tax deductions associated with blogging. One can avail blogger tax write-offs which can be highly beneficial. This software helps you in dealing with these tax deductions with quite an ease as it provides you the refund that you can avail.

  1. Tax Preparation Options

This online tax preparation software is available in different formats. It is easily accessible via web browsers which allows you to use this software through any computer which is connected to the internet. You can also purchase the traditional software in-store or download it online. This option provides you the ability to use the software offline.

It also comes with a mobile app which you can download for your iOS or Android device. Using this mobile app, you can simply take a picture of W-2 forms in order to input into your filing. You can easily check your tax return status using your phone.

  1. Disbursement Options

This software comes with two free options for you to receive the tax refund. You can either receive it via direct deposit to your bank account or a prepaid card which is duly mailed to you. In case you request a refund in the form of a check then there is an additional fee associated with it. In case you are not eligible for free filing then you can pay the filing fee along with your return through this software.

  1. Other Features

There are various other features of this software which helps you in saving both time and money. HR Block provides you means to file your state taxes as it supports all state forms. You can easily import W-2 forms through PDF scanning rather than going through the tedious process of manually entering them. You can also import previous tax returns in order to prefill different fields in the current return. There is a section of the filing process which goes thorough different tax deduction opportunities which are available to you which can certainly save you a lot of money on your return. This software also calculates your refund while you complete your return which gives you an idea of refund as you file your return. If you choose HR Block to file your return, then you can download this software and avail discount coupon which again saves you a lot of money. You can find the coupon here.


Along with in-built support guides, HR Block also offers telephonic support to provides answers to your queries regarding the software. In case you are audited, this company offers you support as well as representation when it comes to dealing with the IRS, but it does charge extra fee for that.


  1. The best feature of this software is that it helps you in identifying various exemptions as well as deductions.
  2. It comes with a mobile app which you can use to fill the W-2 forms as well as check the status of your return.


The key disadvantage of this software is that you are not allowed to edit the tax return forms directly, and you have to follow the stepwise interview-style interface.


HR Block is a simple online tax preparation software which can be easily used by anyone who has little knowledge of filing the tax return. It has a thorough interface which allows you to complete your tax returns quickly as well as with ease. It provides you complete guidance in order to complete your filing without taking you through complicated processes and dealing with tax jargon.