How will 5G improve the Online Casino experience


Almost everyone has heard until now about the new 5G technology. 5G stands for “the fifth generation” of cellular network. The telecom giants already started deploying this technology worldwide since 2019.

The biggest improvement is basically the response rate. It should be 50 times faster than for 4G, which means merely a millisecond. Also, greater bandwidth and higher download speeds of up to 10 Gb per second will likely feature in the new technology.

OK, so what should we do with this kind of speed? While browsing, chatting, social interactions, movie watching, music listening and many other online activities won’t change that much, as we won’t feel that hyper speed boost, when it comes to gaming and gambling, that’s another story.

Online casinos will benefit from the new 5G experience. For example, Unibet, where there is a variety of casino games, like very popular slots, blackjack, roulette, table, jackpot slots, or video poker.

Better battery and higher speed for smartphones are some other perks of switching to 5G, while this technology will also change our app usage.

We will see a much improved Virtual Reality experience, and gadgets will help us not just in everyday activities, but will help us monitor our health, hand in hand with the doctors. The music devices and the overall sound experience will also be improved. Smart homes and unmanned vehicles will benefit too from the new technology. And there’s the Internet of Things and cloud applications, and the list can go on.


So, how will online gaming be improved with the help of 5G? Well, with an average speed of 300 Mbps, lags and latency won’t be a problem anymore when experiencing the online games. Much higher speed means gamers will be able to play on different devices from everywhere, including at home or on the move.

Remote gambling revenues are on the rise, so one of the main things online casinos watch is the speed at which gamblers can connect and enjoy their games. Everything will load faster, will deploy faster, and people will spend more time with the live casino experience, as they won’t go bumping into the same lag issues.

New experiences

And what online casinos have in mind is certainly developing all sorts of fun ways to attract customers. Virtual Reality may be one of them, as it will offer a completely new different and delightful gaming experience. Since VR was possible only in theory and in the sci-fi movies dozens of years ago, people have dreamed of using this kind of technology on all levels it could be used for.

There is also the increasing trend of the live action gaming, such as live-dealer casino gaming which is very appealing for the players. Needless to say that in this scenario the last thing you need is a slow connection.

Mobile devices

While almost everything happens now on a mobile device, so is the case with online casinos. A lot of players feel it more convenient to play on their smartphones or other types of mobile devices. And, as more and more online casino operators offer to their clients new and innovative versions of the games, is easy to understand why the big focus on mobile is depending on the speed, and thus on the new cellular network technologies.


Online casinos will be able to have payments made faster, larger amounts at the same time, a wide range of currencies, more secure transactions, and so many diverse ways of paying the winnings. Also, the services will be more personalized, with the help of the data such as the customers’ locations.

There are many other things to keep an eye on, both players and casinos when it comes to what will 5G bring. Cloud gaming or dynamic in-game advertising are just some ideas to be improved even more with the help of a much better speed.