How to validate email addresses in your list

validate email addresses

Email list validation is an important part of working in e-mail marketing. You increase the ability to communicate the necessary information to customers with this function. Your reputation doesn’t suffer because of non-existent addresses. In this article, you will know what to do and what tools to use to clear your list.

How to make the email list validation

With this procedure, you will learn how to verify addresses that are up to date. You dont need to send test letters. By checking the ability to send emails to this address, you’ll eliminate automatic returns and improve your efficiency.

To verify email address, take 3 steps:

1. Check address format and syntax.

Checking address for compliance with standards. It must have an “@”. Extra spaces or characters that are not allowed to be used in an address is a sign of a non-existent address.

2. Verify domain and server.

Checking DNS records for activity and authentication. The ability to receive letters is also checked.

3. To confirm a mailbox

Confirmation of the existence of the box and its occupancy. The test is performed using SMTP. A special tool sends a ping signal and records the response of the server. If a response has been received, the box exists and is active.

Tools for validation

There are two types of tools to determine the validity of an e-mail address:

– applications;

– software-as-a-service (for example https://truemail.io/).

The two options have some differences. The tool is worth choosing depending on your goals. The most important difference is that applications need to be installed, and SaaS solutions can be used in an online browser. This results in a difference in payment and the number of users of the program. The application is paid once and installed in one workplace. The big plus of applications is that they can handle an unlimited number of addresses. Online tools are purchased each month or for a certain number of checks. However, their advantage is to use on any device on which the browser is installed. SaaS tools can also be used by multiple people or those whose IP addresses are listed as trusted users.

Neither kind of tool guarantees that nothing will happen to your database. Sometimes there are technical failures, the computer, with the application installed, erases data or breaks. So that these troubles don’t take you by surprise keep backups of important data. This can be done with cloud storage or an additional hard drive.

Now you know how you can verify email addresses without sending emails to your customers. Use this scheme to boost your sales.