How to transfer files and send messages between computers.

In our ongoing effort to bring to you concise, accurate, and easy-to-follow documentation on our different power-packed live chat and live support communication solutions, a comprehensive and latest innovation, the Softros LAN messenger application, has been introduced by Softros.

Softros LAN Messenger is an IM application that works within a network. In a network, if there are 10 computers, and you want them to exchange messages while at work, this IM application is the best. Nothing travels through the internet since this doesn’t need an internet connection and works on the local intranet.

Our business has been using a handful of popular instant messaging software to keep our employees connected with the rest of the company. Even if we currently have our electronic mails, we think that using an instant messenger might make life easier. Rather than approach someone for details, we can buzz that certain person through a local messenger. Instead of leaving notes that might get lost, we can just leave messages through network messaging.

Standard local messenger applications encompass instant messaging from MSN and Yahoo. But since companies are into business process outsourcing, wherein the reliability and the client details must be kept secure, they might be worried about the possible threats that are inherent in common instant messenger services. Softros LAN Messenger lets you not worry about anything since this messenger doesn’t need an internet connection, and your employees can chat within the company only. No outside chatting and no information will be leaked to the internet.

Notable Features of Softros LAN Messenger


Softros LAN messenger allows messaging among multiple computers. This application was crafted specifically as a corporate instant messenger. Recently, it has been considered a better alternative to Jabber, ICQ, MSN, and YM. The functions and settings of the LAN messenger are intended to mainly secure the instant messaging app and for easy configuration of the tool. It can easily be altered, and it allows for quick server set up.

The Messaging Process

The main benefit is the ability to professionally and actively interact with employees and colleagues with little interruption to other ongoing communications. Imagine being able to flag one of your workers down to retrieve some details while you are in an important meeting (without having to place the meeting on hold or get down to the hall, abandoning the call temporarily). Or think about the ability to ask simple questions to a colleague while he/she is in a meeting. The interface is quite easy to use and looks like most other IMs. So just click on the PC user who appears on your list and send them messages. When you install it on your computer, it will show all the PC users that have this messenger on their PC  on the same network.

The Messaging Process

Sending files

Sharing files is just as easy as ABC. You have to start a conversation with the user to whom you want to share the files and folders.  The Softros file transfer feature is available only to the users who are online via this IM. You will have to just drag and drop the file or the folder onto the conversation screen. The transfer is done swiftly within seconds.

Sending files


This is one of the user interface features. It includes different tabs that also include the system, dialogue, sent, and received. You will be able to see the files, messages, and conversations you have sent and received.



Multiple groups can be created in this IM so that you can keep employees from one department in one group. When you want to make announcements specific to that department, you can send your messages to the group and everyone will read it at once.


Moreover, if someone’s department is changed in the company, you can easily move him/her to a different group as well.

Other benefits of using Softros LAN messenger are:

  • Connects employees using login and password credentials across geographies
  • Transfers large files, including multimedia files and folders
  • Functions seamlessly without LAN or WAN dependencies by connecting directly through the Internet
  • Sends and receives bite-sized content in the form of small files and instructions using the sticky note feature
  • Conducts online conferences and meetings
  • Checks the status of your colleagues (online versus offline)
  • Includes chat messages with smileys and emoticons
  • Generates, distributes and archives chat transcripts in order to maintain records and reduce paper trail.

If you are not yet using an instant messaging tool, then you are lagging behind. Get updated on the current trend. If you are ready to make a move, you must choose a program that is right for you. This way, you and your organization can use it, day after day to improve communication.

At the moment, the application is available for Windows, Android, and Mac OS. If you would like to get it, download Softros LAN messenger and try the fully functional version absolutely free!

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