How to Remove Virus from Your Android Device

Users of Android Phone is probably everywhere around the world. Moreover, many people also use Android Tablets. It’s an open mobile operating system and any virus could corrupt your data. However, in case you feel your device have been infected, then you do not need to panic, as there is a simple way to remove it.

Here we will be telling step by step procedure that can be performed on your Android device to remove viruses.

Steps to Remove Virus From your Android Device

Step 1 – The first thing that is required, is to reboot your device in a safe mode. By this, all the third party apps that have the virus will stop running. If you do not have the option to reboot into safe mode, then you can restart it in normal mode.

Step 2 – After restarting your Android Phone or Tablet, go to device settings and open apps menu. Here you will see all the apps that are running, most of the apps will not be running, and you may also see your virus app in the listing.

Step 3 – If you can recognize a virus from the list of apps, just uninstall it. For example see photo below, in this you can see a virus called Dodgy. Click on uninstall to remove this virus, sometimes you will not get an option to uninstall. In that case, you need to go to administrator settings.

Step 4 – Now go to Device administrator setting. In administrator status, you will see all the apps listed. The app that is not needed should be removed from here. For this, you need to select an option of deactivation.

Step 5 – After removing apps from administrator mode, again reboot your system in normal mode. Moreover, your virus will be gone for sure.