How to play popular Blackjack variants

Blackjack variants

Originating in the 1700ís in French casinos, blackjack is a game thatís been around for a number of centuries. Derived from a game called Chemin De Fer, the game was originally played by French noble people. Today, blackjack is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, in which there are many different varieties.

There are a few different variants of blackjack which can all be played in a slightly different way. Below, weíll take a look at the different blackjack variants and pick out some of the key things to know when playing.

The origins of blackjack

It is thought that blackjack was actually invented by the romans. However, instead of playing with paper cards, they would play with small wooden blocks that had numbers painted on them.

Interestingly, in the 18th century, blackjack was brought to the shores of the colonial US by French migrants; however it wasnít until the 19th century that the French were able to play blackjack in their home country. During this time, blackjack became widely popular in New Orleans where the first public venues were set up for such games.

Back then, the rules of the game were slightly different, with one example being that only the dealer was allowed to double.

Modern day blackjack

While it was traditionally known as Vingt-et-un in France and carried across to the US with that name too, blackjack is often still referred to as the game of 21 in Nevada today. However, the name Blackjack derived from the need for modern Vegas casinos that needed to remote promote the game.

In order to promote 21, casinos began to offer bonus payouts, including a bonus that would pay extra if a jack of spade or clubs was dealt along with an ace of spades. As the game became more popular, Vegas casinos began to drop this bonus incentive, but the name seemed to stick.

Blackjack has since become popular in many countries. In particular in Sweden, once gambling became legalised there in 1994, a lot of Swedes started enjoying a round of blackjack when visiting one of the casinos in their country. Once online gambling became legal there in 2002 and technology developed, many of them are now also enjoying playing a game from home, which is certainly convenient given that there are only four casinos in Sweden.

Playing blackjack online

Sweden isnít the only country where online blackjack is being enjoyed. With technology improving and developing, there are new ways to play on portable devices. As a result, blackjack fans can now indulge in a game from anyplace and at any time they like, whether than be on the beach in the Maldives, on the commute to work on a bus, or even from the comfort of their own sofa – without even having to leave the house.

Some of the benefits of playing online include:

More payment methods:

As payment technology develops, blackjack fans can now pay with a number of safe online options, including cryptocurrencies or online wallets. One of the benefits of cryptocurrencies however is that they are not governed by a central bank and are harder to trace. This means the customer achieves more privacy and doesnít have to worry about their payment details being leaked.

More variety: While physical venues are limited by how much they can fit inside their venue, as well as the amount of staff and restrictions on how many people are inside the casino. Differentially, online casinos are able to offer an array of blackjack variants as they are not limited by the same restrictions.

 What are the most played blackjack variations?

As mentioned in the beginning, there are a number of blackjack variants that can be played. These include:

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is the most famous version of blackjack, founded by Howard Grossman. Grossman was a popular gaming consultant in Nevada and also a blackjack expert himself. The main difference between standard blackjack and Super Fun 21 is that the players often engage in a round of betting before the cards are dealt.

DoubleAttack BlackJack

Double Attack Blackjack can get confusing as it is very similar to another variant of blackjack called Spanish 21. The game is played with 8 packs and the rules of the game basically stay the same, however players are still aiming to get as close as they can to twentyone, but cannot surpass this.

Triple 7ís blackjack

Triple 7 is an older and more classic game of Poker and required a number of years to master. The great thing about this variant is that it offers great payouts for jackpots, as well as money on a jackpot pool where players are required to place a small bet.

Overall, Blackjack has been around for a number of centuries and yet it is still just as popular as ever. So whether youíre looking to visit a real life casino or indulge from the comfort of your own sofa, itís time to take the journey.