How To Handle An Injury You Suffered During Vacation


Planning to take a summer vacation? Are you headed to the beach to soak in the sun or visiting Disneyland with the entire family? Maybe, you’ll be resting your head in a luxury hotel. Although all of these activities do not seem inherently risky, an accident can occur anywhere and at any time.

A vacation is intended to be an escape, where you leave all your worries behind, have an opportunity to relax and enjoy your time away from a demanding job or a lengthy school year. However, if an injury is sustained, it can put a damper on your plans.

20% of Americans on vacation will get hurt, according to numbers by the CDC. On vacation, individuals generally see more injuries because they try things they haven’t done before. Activities like parasailing, bungee jumping or even eating strange foods your body is not used to can put a person at risk. For the most part, injuries that happen during vacation are caused by carelessness.

Laws mandate tourist-focused businesses like a hotel, cruise ships or amusement parks, among other locations, to offer a safe atmosphere and put up warning signs for any known risks. However, due to the current economic climate, many will forgo these requirements to save money.

Injuries Typically Sustained During a Vacation

– Slip and fall injuries in a hotel or restaurant, due to hazardous circumstances

– Accidents on the escalator or elevator

– Slip and fall at the pool

– Food poisoning

– Robberies or assaults due to no security

– Injuries on amusement park rides

– Accidents in the hotel gym

– Too many people in one space

– Accidents that occur a boat or even a cruise ship

– Accidents during scuba diving, paragliding or related activities

– Accidents while traveling in automobiles or buses

– Reactions due to allergies

How To Proceed After Suffering an Injury in a Vacation Accident

– The very first order of business should be before an injury victim to make an appointment to see a doctor or visit the emergency room. You may think it’s a good idea to wait until you return home and visit your regular doctor, but it isn’t for both your immediate health and legalities. Your health can deteriorate if your injury is not treated in a timely manner. A doctor visit also serves as proof that the event happened. 

– Gather all the proof you can. This means that you should document everything by taking a photo of the location you were injured, as well as the wounds themselves. You may want to store your clothing or belongings involved in the incident in a plastic bag until you speak with an attorney. They might be utilized as proof in your case.

– Gather the names and any contact information you can of witnesses or anyone percent during the accident. This can include the driver’s name, phone numbers, email addresses, insurance companies, etc. 

– Make sure to report the accident and injury. If you were hurt in a slip and fall accident at a hotel or eatery, ask the management to submit an injury report. If there is a car accident, the police should be called to file a report.

You could collect compensation if your vacation injury was caused by someone else’s carelessness. This would be for both previous and future medical costs, lost wages and even pain suffering.

Looking for the best slip and fall lawyers to represent you will go a long way. Never try to engage with a business or insurance carrier without consulting with a legal professional first, whether it be a PI lawyer or a lawyer who specializes specifically in slip and fall cases.