How to get Free Spins in 2018

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55% of people have been involved in a lottery of some kind. From TV lotto competitions to sports jackpots and bingo games, millions of people around the world wager their hard-earned money every year to become millionaires.

Of course, only a handful of them win the jackpots. And because of that, most people avoid gambling platforms completely even when they dream of playing casino games all day. If you have thought of playing the roulette, considered taking a chance at blackjack games or any of the 1000+ games you can find in a modern casino, save your cash. There are more than 50 legitimate casinos where you can earn free spins without making any deposits.

If youíre willing to spend some money after trying out the free spins, some casinos will offer you a lot more free games. Below are legitimate ways to get bonuses in modern gambling websites.

No Deposit Sign up Bonuses

Online casino owners understand the industry has a reputation problem. From fake casinos to platforms with buggy game software, review forums are full of unsatisfied users. To invite players and to beat competitors, many casinos offer free spins no deposit 2018 to new members.

You donít pay anything. Simply create an account with the casino and earn up to 300 free spins. The best platforms make the welcome gifts as free as possible. By free, the companies offer spins with no strings attached.

By contrast, some casinos donít activate free spins until after you link your payment detailsówhich is deceiving and in bad faith anyway. Most people donít appreciate such marketing tactics, and you probably donít as well.

First Deposit Bonus

If youíve gambled online before, you probably got a first deposit sign up bonus. Itís a standard gift from every worthwhile casino. If you didnít, making a deposit on an online casino is a great way to earn free spins.

Depending on the casino, your first deposit bonus could be a 100 percent match on the amount of money you deposited. You could get twice your deposit, thrice or even ten times your money. Some casinos extend the bonuses to your second, third deposits and fourth deposits.

Refer Friends to the Casino

If you have a friend whoís interested in online casino games, you can earn some money by referring her to casinos. Simply join a casinoís affiliate program to get a custom link. Once your friend joins the gambling company using your link, you earn a share of every amount she deposits.

Most modern casinos pay cash for referrals. However, there are still options to redeem your referral money into free spins. If you join a casino that credits your referral bonuses into your account on the platform, you can easily use the money to get spins.

You can earn lots of money by referring people to different online casinos. Affiliate marketing is actually a career for thousands of bloggers. With more than 50 casinos offering the option to promote their games, you are not limited of choice on which platform to promote.

Play Demo Games

Most games on casinos sites provide free spins for trial purposes. Some games are freely available for as long as they are listed on the casino. Theyíre made free for testing purposes or if the game providers want to use them to promote other games. You may never realize about them if you don’t scroll through all the games provided by the casinos.

Playing demos is a good way to enjoy casino games without using your cash. Some casinos have more than 1000 games and hundreds of demo games. Add the games that donít require deposits and you could spend all your free time playing casino games for free.

Participate in Casino Lotteries

Almost every casino in 2018 holds an in-house lottery. The competitions promise thousands of dollarsí worth of money. In some cases, casinos hold joint lotteries provided by similar game providers. That way, players compete for higher jackpots and bonuses. Among the bonuses are tens or hundreds of free spins.

Lotteries are a huge risk. But if you find one where the wagered amount is comfortably low, you can try your luck. If the casino also provides regular bonuses; the better itís as you can win bonuses if you donít hit the lump sum amount.

Claim Promotional Bonuses

Every now and then, casinos will offer free spins through promotional campaigns. Sometimes you will be required to make a deposit to earn free spins. At other times, all you have is log into your favorite casino and claim the gift.

The best time to earn the bonuses is during holidays. On Independence Day, Christmas and other public holidays, casinos are often generous with spins. However, it does not have to be a holiday to earn promotional spins.

With all the competition out there, many casinos are always holding promotions. Log into your casino accounts regularly and you probably find a few free spins every once in a month.

Join the VIP Club

So you feel like you deserve more free spins with all the money you spend in casinos? Contact the casino managers and ask them to get you into their VIP section. Not only will you get access to more games and more free spins, itís a whole new experience be a VIP player.

The best casinos provide VIP gamblers dedicated managers. You get bespoke support services and more bonuses every time you win. Getting into the VIP lounge is not easy though. You must be a regular member and spend a specific amount of money.

Although VIP players get access to more games and free bonuses, it can be expensive to remain there. Some casinos expect you to spend a specific amount of money to remain in the prestigious club. The amount varies from $500 to the upwards of $5000.

Bonus Tips

To increase access to free spins, become a regular player. You donít have to deposit money weekly. Simply log into your account and check for promotions. Refer your friends to your favorite casino and take advantage of all the promotions you can afford.