How to do Internet Marketing in 2021

Internet Marketing


The year is running out, and it is pertinent for businesses to begin to create plans for 2021. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused several changes in all sectors, including the marketing industry. Individuals now prefer to spend more time online; while shopping and requesting services. With this in mind, it is almost certain that internet marketing will remain relevant and yield more for businesses in 2021.

Brand recognition, traffic generation, and customer acquisition will become easier for businesses considering internet marketing in 2021. The fact that internet marketing will become a gold mine does not make expansion and growth automatic. It is important to understand how to do internet marketing in 2021. This means getting acquainted with the latest trends and implementing them in your internet marketing strategy. Some of the industry trends you need to consider as you make plans for brand expansion and growth in 2021 are explained below.

Voice Search Optimization

The generation is getting busier, and because of the launch of Alexa and Google Home, most individuals now prefer to opt for a voice search option rather than type. The percentage of people interested in utilizing voice search is expected to increase in 2021. Businesses need to include voice search optimization as part of their internet marketing strategy in 2021.

Optimizing your search query result for voice search is different from the text search optimization that most people have on their website. People tend to speak in a conversational manner when trying to search using the voice search option. This is unlike searching via text, where imputing specific keywords is all that matters to see the result. Long-tail keywords work better with voice search optimization, and implementing this in your internet marketing strategy can make a lot of difference. You can work with a trusted digital marketing agency like Capital Solutions to help optimize your website for voice and text searches.

Video Advertising

People now spend more time at home, hence creating enough time to watch videos of different kinds. Most shoppers now purchase an item only after seeing a video ad. Social media platforms are also responding to this by switching from being photo-centric to making it easier to post and promote videos. This is a great option for marketers, as creating videos about your products and services will most likely yield more results. This is because you will have enough time to express yourself and convince your audience when compared to promoting pictures. It is not cheaper to produce video content; however, it is worth it as the benefits exceed the cost.

Most marketers consider the cost, which is why only a few are utilizing this strategy. The lack of interest by many could be a good way to rise above your competitors. Produce good video content and watch the audience engagement. Once you have observed that it is beginning to yield a positive result, you can take it a step further by advertising it on your social media platform. Facebook and Instagram are two suitable platforms where you can create video ads. Getting the advert right to your target audience might require the services of an ads expert; hence hiring a company to get it done for you is a good option.

Subscriber Acquisition and Segmentation

If you have not included email marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy, now is the time to include it in your plans. Getting a new audience can be quite difficult, as opposed to retaining the existing customers. One of the best ways to retain your customers is to get them on your subscriber list and often reach out to them. Getting their email addresses might involve you having to do a giveaway, promo, discount, or some kind of lead magnet.

Once you have their email addresses, segmentation is another aspect of email marketing, you need to take seriously. It is not all your customers and audiences that are interested in the same aspect of your business. Some want to patronize you right away, while others are still unsure about the next step to take. Email segmentation involves separating your subscribers into different groups based on their interests. This will help you create the right email copies tailored to their specific needs. Email marketing experts are readily available to help with acquiring newer subscribers and easy segmentation.

Focus on interactive content

As you begin to plan for the New Year, keep in mind the goal is to engage and convert your audience to leads and customers. One of the strategies you need to consider implementing is creating interactive content on your website and social media platforms.

Depending on the niche you are into, this interactive content can be one that will help your audience understand an aspect of your business better. For instance, if you are into the fashion industry, you can consider including a game or contest which would involve people suggesting different fashion ideas. You can then pick a weekly winner and give them a prize. This will definitely increase your brand awareness, and recognition as customers will begin to refer your business.

Other forms of interactive content are polls, videos, and surveys. All of these will help you understand your audience’s needs better, and you can work towards satisfying them in the new year.

Analytics and Auditing

Stability is yet to be restored; hence, it is possible to see several changes in the next couple of months. Search terms might be different based on the needs of your target audiences at that time. Search engines might also respond to include newer algorithms. It is essential to check out how your business is performing regularly.

Content analysis and auditing need to be done periodically. Find out how you are performing with the internet marketing strategies you are implementing. Audit your content from time to time while keeping in mind that solving your target audience’s needs is your utmost priority.


Internet marketing has come to stay, and trends might change in 2021; however, implementing the strategies highlighted above will give you a good chance of standing out of the crowd. If utilized rightly, these strategies will help with the increase in traffic, customer acquisition, and brand awareness.