How to Delete Photos from iPhone Easily and Quickly

Learn how to delete photos from iPhone in a proper manner, so that these pictures you delete are backed up at a place that’s safe for future reference.

One often heard issue with people all around the world is the overloaded iPhone. There are too many photos, and the storage space is almost full. You would want to backup all the photos and delete them from your iPhone. In this article, we will show you the simplest way of how to delete photos from iPhone easily and quickly.

Let’s start, after connecting your iPhone to your Mac, launch Image Capture, this software utility will grab all images from any connected devices like iOS devices, cameras and scanners.

By selecting your iPhone in the Image Capture Device column, you will need to choose a destination for the images that are being imported from your iPhone to any of the folders, software like iPhone and Aperture. After clicking the Import All button, you will import all the image on your iPhone’s camera roll.


Once the importing is done, press Cmd+A to select all the photos on your iPhone and click on Delete button. After you confirm deleting your images you will how easy this tool is and how quickly you can bulk delete your photos on iPhone.

After backing up your device, you can use another alternate method in which you can delete photos in batches. For that go to the phones Photos app, when you open the Photo App, browse to the Moments screen, there you will be able to batch select images. Afterwards by selecting them you can easily delete them in a matter of few clicks nd seconds.

After removing photos, you will still be able to see the same photos in Photo Stream. These photos in Photo Stream are automatically shown if in your settings of iCloud photo sharing is enabled.

Screenshot of iPhone camera roll

To remove these Photo Stream images you need to go to Settings > iCloud and tap Photo, this will automatically remove the Photo Stream pictures, and your phone will lighter and faster than ever.

If you need to get these photos from Photostream back, just turn on the setting once again and there you will have them back.

Let us know if you use any other simple and quick way for deleting photos from your iPhone.