How to Buy a Haier TV on EMI Without a Credit Card this Diwali

Haier TV

Buying a television can be very exciting, and you can shop for one this Diwali to blend in perfectly with your modern living room or bedroom. Consider a Haier TV as the brand is known for its sleek and stylish design and best-in-class German engineering. This means that when you buy a Haier TV you get the best of both worlds—a good looking TV that also offers superior performance! Haier designs TVs suitable at every stage of your life, whether it is for your first apartment or for a holiday villa. Each of their TVs display clear lifelike images with bright colours and good audio.

Haier LED TVs are one of the most versatile, suitable for every household. So, if you want to bring home a new TV without using your credit card, there’s good news! You can now buy a Haier LED TV on EMI while keeping your wallet happy. Simply shop for a Haier LED TV on No Cost EMI from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, where you can enjoy easy EMI finance by paying nothing more than the purchase price. Also, you have the convenience of choosing your repayment plan from 3 to 24 months. By shopping for a Haier LED TV on the EMI Network, you can also avail exciting Diwali offers, additional discounts or cashback, which make your purchase even more affordable. The expansive network has over 60,000 partner stores across 1,300 cities who offer more than a million products. You can either shop online or offline and enjoy easy finance to buy TVs and other electronics.

While buying a TV, your best course of action would be to explore the different types of variants that the brand offers, compare their features, and choose the best one for yourself. Read about the types of TVs offered by Haier to make the right choice.

  1. Haier LED TV:

The Haier LED line of TVs have 140-165cm screens with full HD 1920×1080 resolution giving you a natural display with rich textures. The pictures are sure to captivate all your attention, no matter whether you watching sports or a drama. The LED TV is equipped with USB with which you can browse and enjoy music, videos and pictures directly from your USB flash drive and pen drive. With the HDMI, you can connect various gadgets to the TV and switch to various devices simultaneously. The brand’s LED TVs also come with a 3D Comb Filter to adjust and correct colour loss. You can also connect your computer to the Haier LED TV to make it your personal computer.

  1. 4K Ultra HD TV:

The Haier 4K Ultra HD TV line of TVs have 4K Ultra High Definition screens with 3840X2160pixel resolution. Hence, you can see detailed, clearer and brighter pictures. These are available in variants of up to 190cm. With the HDMI, you can connect your gadgets to the TV and conveniently switch to other devices too.

  1. Smart LED TV:

The Haier Smart LED line of TVs have screens measuring above 100cm with full HD, 1920×1080 pixel resolution producing richly textured pictures to elevate your viewing experience. These are smart TVs with Wi-Fi connectivity and can connect to your mobiles too. The Android OS gives you access to unlimited Apps. The Smart LED TV is also equipped with USB, which makes it possible to browse and enjoy media directly from your USB flash drives and pen drive.

  1. QLED TV:

The QLED TV is powered with a Quantum Dot technology to enhance the brightness and deliver perfect display. The highlight of these TVs is the 165-inch screen with 13mm Ultra Slim Bezel design that gives you a full vision display and a premium viewing experience. It has a resolution of 3840×2160. This smart TV also has an Android operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity. The remote has QWERTY keypad at the back. The smart remote also as a mouse pointer.

Now that you are aware of the various types of Haier TVs and their features, head on to the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to enjoy shopping on EMIs. You can pay via No Cost EMIs and also buy other electronics, appliances, smartphones, furniture, clothes and accessories and more.

Here is how to shop easy on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

  1. Pay by swiping your EMI Network Card:

To avail this option, walk into your nearest Bajaj Finserv partner store, ask for the Haier TV of your choice, swipe your EMI Network Card and walk out with your purchase. You can also shop online at partner sellers like Flipkart and Amazon and select the option of paying with your Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. You can also shop by visiting the online Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Select your city and the product that you want to buy. Login via Experia and choose the EMI option suitable for you. Within 24 hours, your product will be delivered to you.

  1. Shopping without an EMI Network Card:

To shop on Bajaj Finserv EMI Network without using an EMI Network Card, apply for instant approval by filling up an online form or visit any of the partner stores and avail in-store financing. Once your application is processed, show the SMS of your pre-approved loan amount at the store, and walk out with your purchase. It’s that simple!

Now that you know how to shop on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network, head on to purchase a Haier TV to enjoy easy finance. To start, check your pre-approved offer form Bajaj Finserv by entering basic details like your name and phone number. Bajaj Finserv gives attractive offers on personal loans, home loans, financing on products and other financial services to help you avail easy finance for all your Diwali purchases.

Image Credits: Haier TV from Goran Bogicevic/Shutterstock