Google Chrome Error Fix : This Site Can’t Be Reached

Google Chrome Error “This Site Can’t Be Reached” is a widespread problem that users of Chrome generally face. 

The thing about the error is that it comes with various error codes. The most usual error codes followed by This Site Can’t Be Reached error is: 

  • err_connection_refused
  • Server DNS address could not be found

Each of the error codes found means something, but there is no unique solution for any one of them.

But getting further into the scene, what are the probable causes of This Site Can’t Be Reached error in Chrome? Well, it can be related to DNS settings, Chrome settings, and Network Adapter Driver.

Google Chrome Error Fix 1- Reset TCP/IP

Resetting TCP/IP is fairly easy and simple. To quick fix the site which can’t be reached with error on Chrome, try to reset TCP/IP thru the following process:

  • Step 1: In Administrator mode, try to open Command Prompt by pressing Start button on PC, and by typing cmd in the Start search box for Command Prompt option to appear. Right-click on it to Run as administrator option. User Account Control will prompt you if you wish to proceed with operation; click Yes.
  • Step 2: Run commands in Command Prompt, one after another. Type the first command “ipconfig /release” to press Enter. Type the second command “ipconfig /all ” to tap Enter, and continue till running the last command. Here is the list of much needed commands to run:
    • ipconfig /release
    • ipconfig /all
    • ipconfig /flushdns
    • ipconfig /renew
    • netsh int ip set DNS
    • netsh winsock reset
    • Ipconfig Tscbr This Site Can’t Be Reached

After running all these commands, restart PC and see if trying to access the websites on Chrome. 

Google Chrome Error Fix 2 – Change IPv4 DNS Address

IPv4 DNS Address is generally set to obtain DNS server address automatically or set to some DNS server address provided by Internet Service Provider. At times, these can cause Chrome to show This Site Can’t Be Reached Chrome Error. Try to change to Google DNS server address, and it would most likely resolve the problem. Follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Tap Windows Key + R together.
  • Step 2: Write ncpa.cpl in it and Click OK.
  • Step 3: Double Click on Internet Connection. Internet Connection Status window will open and tap on the Properties button.
  • Step 4: Under the Networking tab, in the Properties window, search for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option. When got the same, double-click.
  • Step 5: Check for the option to set a DNS Address manually. Select “Use the following DNS server address” option if not selected, and enter the following Google public DNS server address.

Note: Do not forget to select Validate settings upon exit before clicking OK button for applying DNS settings.

Now get back to Chrome and check for fix. 

Google Chrome Error Fix 3 – Checking Automatically detect settings 

  • Tap Windows key + R together for opening Run.
  • Type inetcpl.cpl in it and Click OK.
  • Tap On Connections Tab.
  • Tap on LAN Settings.
  • Ensure Automatically Detect Settings Option is Verified. If it is Unchecked, get it Checked.
  • Tap OK.

Google Chrome Error Fix 4 – Allowing DNS Prefetching to Fix.

This is something you can perform on Chrome browser. Follow these steps to Allow DNS Prefetching :

  • Step 1: Search 3 dots, available at the far right end of the Address Bar. Click on it to open Chrome menu. From the Chrome menu, Tap on the Settings option.
  • Step 2: To access the Advanced Chrome Settings, expand Advanced option at the bottom. Open Privacy section to select the Use a prediction service to load pages more fast option for enabling DNS Prefetching on Chrome to fix the problem.

Google Chrome Error Fix 5 – Running Windows Network Diagnostic 

Running Network Diagnostics will detect problem related to networking to fix them if found. 

  • Step 1: Carry out Step 1 and Step 2 as above.
  • Step 2: Tap on Diagnose button to run Network Troubleshooter.
  • Disconnect and reconnect the internet on PC once the diagnosis is complete, and give Chrome a try whether the Site Can’t Be Reached Error still shows up.

Google Chrome Error Fix 6 – Disabling Experimental QUIC Protocol 

Disable a flag called Experimental QUIC Protocol to fix the problem. 

  • Step 1: Type chrome://flags/, press Enter key in the address bar of Chrome.
  • Step 2: Tap Ctrl + F to evoke Find box where a page full of options will show up. Write Experimental QUIC protocol to find the value for flag to set as Default in the drop-down menu. Change to Disable, restart Chrome, and check if it worked for you.

Google Chrome Error Fix 7 – Changing Value of Maximum TLS Version Enabled

Chrome Flag to tweak which can fix the Chrome This Site Can’t Be Reached issue. Follow the steps to change the value of Maximum TLS Version:

  • Step 1: Write chrome://flags in the address bar of the Chrome address and press Enter.
  • Step 2: Tap Ctrl + F keys to use Find tool in Chrome. Write TLS for searching Maximum TLS Version option. Select TLS 1.3 in place of default value from its drop-down menu.

Restart Chrome browser and try to load website to check the correctness.

Google Chrome Error Fix 8 – Resetting Chrome Settings

Resetting Chrome Settings to default can fix the issue. 

  • Step 1: Type chrome://flags/ and push Enter in the address bar of chrome.
  • Step 2: Search for Reset to default option on top of the Flags page. Press on it to reset Chrome settings.

Google Chrome Error Fix 9 – Restarting DNS Client Service

Restart DNS Client Service which can be one of the primary steps to take for solving This Site Can’t Be Reached Chrome issue. 

  • Step 1: By pressing Windows + R keys together Open Run box. 
  • Step 2: From the list of Services, search for DNS Client, to select it. Press Restart the service option available at the left side of the window.

When the DNS Client service has restarted, check if the website opens in Chrome. Suppose it doesn’t try the next method.

Google Chrome Error Fix 10 – Reinstall Chrome

Reinstall Chrome on PC.

  • Step 1: Type Apps & features to open the Apps & features a window with all the installed software in the Start menu.
  • Step 2: Search for Google Chrome in the list for clicking on it, and press Uninstall button.
  • Step 3: Open the Google Chrome website after uninstalling Chrome to again download the latest version of Chrome. Install it to access websites normally.

Chrome issue “This Site Can’t Be Reached” is just at fault. And there is a good probability of Chrome is outdated. Always ensure to have the latest version of Chrome running on PC to prevent this error from occurring.