From Connery to Daniel Craig – how casinos have influenced male fashion and lifestyle

casinos in movies

Casinos have featured in so many blockbuster films and hit TV series, from iconic scenes from James Bond to the Vegas stag night in The Hangover. Casinos are a place where men can showcase their confidence, flair and style, meaning that over time they have become a source of fashion, and lifestyle, inspiration. Working in reverse chronological order, letís zone in on some male fashion looks from casinos in film.

The Hangover (2009)

Zach Galifianakis perhaps didnít inspire men in terms of fashion, but the humorous take on casinos lightened them up and made them appear less serious; a place for fun and for everyone, instead of their previous fancy and exclusive nature. Alan is an undeniably goofy character, completely unlike the Bond trope (read on, if 007 swagger is more your thing), which makes his attempts to look smart and professional hilariously silly. This perhaps casts a better reflection on the modern day casino: as we can see when we look at new online casinos, gambling today is more about the latest technology and innovation than it is about getting glammed up and going out. With the vast range of online options and accompanying bonuses available, it’s possible to bring the slot machines to your home – where you can even sit in your underwear, ŗ la Alan, if you so please…

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale (2006)

But now for something a little classier. With each Bond comes a new set of admirable traits, and Casino Royale switched up male fashion just as much as Dr No. On first look, Craig’s Bond look is similar to the more classical Connery get-up (see below). But the new and unique actor’s whole demeanor is different. As the film continues you see Craig appear slightly more casual, at times with his bow tie hanging undone, but he does this without losing any of his previous smooth and sophisticated aura. This more relaxed style symbolized a movement in men’s fashion towards smart casual instead of best dressed.

Sean Connery in Dr No (1962)

James Bond is an undeniable inspiration to men, whether that be fashion or attitude – itís always going to be a compliment if someone likens you to Bond. No wonder then†that Sean Connery was so influential after being the first to play the character in Dr No. His classic yet suave style was particularly evident in the casino scene, commonly dubbed one of the best Bond scenes of all time. He wore a bow tie, button-down white shirt and black jacket, with a white pocket handkerchief. Everyone around the table was very well dressed, reflecting the essence of casino fashion at the time, but Connery himself showed that you donít need a lot of colour to look smart and have charm. It was in this scene that he flipped open his cigarette case and said the famed quote: ďThe name’s Bond. James BondĒ.

Casinos and male fashion seem to be far more intertwined than what meets the eye. The flare of the Bond role models have inspired men through time, and now, as casinos have transitioned from places of seriousness to places of fun, their influence in fashion has grown and changed too. Fashion inspiration can be found in so many areas, and the casino, whether on screen or in real life, is an excellent place to look for it.