15 Best Services Providing Free TV Online for Viewers

Watching tv online is not a new thing, with many services jumping in to give tv online you have options now, in which you can switch from one service to another in a few clicks.

To add jelly on cake, you are not paying for these services, you just need a computer with good internet speed.

So let’s dive into the list of 15 best free tv online services that are being used heavily on a daily basis.

1. YouTube


YouTube is a video-sharing website on which users can view , upload and share videos. It is very good option for watching free online TV and videos. You can view online TV at any time and place.

2. Hulu


After the shows get on air Hulu’s service is a good place to watch free online TV. It offers a good variety of cartoons and anything from the late-night programmes. You need to be patient for a few mind-numbing commercial ads. Hulu charges $8 a month for free tv service and it also gives entry to their apps on Android and iOS, but still its is vicious move

3. Joost


Here we have another favorite free online tv. from the authors of Skype. It is in beta stage and performing well. It uses P2P system for offering the content; great GUI, quality video, solid amounts of good content.

4. NBC

NBC rewards their show’s loyal fans.It offers latest 4 episodes of almost every series online that got on air. It adds newest programmes and keeps the old one in the archive. Watching some commercials is better than a fixed cable subscription. Some of the older programmes are also available including  Knight Rider, Miami Vice, and Battlestar Galactica.

 5. Babelgum


P2P-based content delivery, and free but ad-supported content makes babelgum similar to Joost.  Babelgum is a free service but the mount of daily downloads is limited. The interface is great and the streaming is smooth. Suggestion: Sometimes, the video doesn’t start instantly it may take some time to buffer.

6. Zattoo

A online television with a downloadable p2p-based client focused on 50+ European channels. It only the viewer from the supported countries can watch using Zattoo.

7. BlinkX

BlinkX is a video/audio search engine which has over 12 million hours of video in the list. Search the videos as well as audio for fun and entertainment.

8. Veoh


Veoh offers a downloadable player which acts like a VCR, where you can watch the saved movies, the focus is on offline. There is a Flash version of the Veoh player it makes possible to watch videos online. The available videos includes user generated content as well as professional one, sometimes copyrighted stuff as well.

9. Bravo


Bravo is not restricted with the standards of the content of a TV show; it is more interested in offering online free content to its network. Bravo ask you to sign in with the cable provider after two free commercial-laden episodes. If you want to feel free from sing-in and other stuff like this, you have to manage to gather some basic login info of someone.

10. NGTV

NGTV, gives impression that its not good for girl kids but in reality its same as what the kids are watching on TV nowadays. Lots of entertainment & music, long intros and lots of foul languages.

11. FOX


Fox’s website gives you a free access to the latest show’s episodes and its FOX NOW app for Android & iOS is governed by some rules.  Subscribers can watch the latest episode just after one day it get on-air but the general public can view the episode after the eight days. Before two months the episode disappears from the site with clear countdown decreasing day to day.

12. Democracy


Democracy is a media player on which we can watch movies from the hard drive. But, it also makes us connect to a number of major video hosting sites and  publishers. It helps you to make a collection of online as well as offline videos with great online video experience.

13. Sprint TV & Movies


Sprint subscribers can download the Sprint TV app, which gives instant access to channels like  NBC News,  Bravo, USA and Syfy. Through  iOS and Android phones you can watch live broadcasts and full-length episodes.

14. EpisodeNetwork


Episode network has a large number of link list pointing to videos all over the web. The site is not hosting any videos but keep in mind the contents may be entire TV series or blockbusters, so downloading them might be a minor illegal act.

 15. Dailymotion


When we compare Dailymotion with YouTube, it is as old as and as successful as YouTube. You can find some good content with smooth streaming videos. On Dailymotion, there is a list of TV series that you can watch..